Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowboard helmet and Hey there Dear Mira

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s new item is a Snoboard hemet, it is rather human looking but in my opinion its cool.
It is member and rather expensive, so I don´t think it will be very popular. But I tried it on.
The problem is I don´t really have snow in my den and can´t be bothered to buy a snowfort, so I will leave snowboarding :P
Have you ever noticed that glowy thing in Captain melville´s juice hut floor?
I think its some wacky light. Maybe some day we will have concerts in the Juice Hut?
And that reminds me, a while ago I wrote an AJ song, its a parody of Hey There Delilah.
Here is how my version goes:
Hey there dear Mira
What´s it like in the Sky Mansion
Up there in the white clouds
With your Zios strong and handsome
Just you two
Jamaa can´t shine as bright as you
I swear it´s true
Hey there dear Mira
When you look like from the High Sky
You see scams and hacks
Phantoms attacks
And cheats and lies
Your tears run
You made Jamaa for friends and fun
I´m by your side
(Chorus which I haven´t thought up yet XD)
Hey there dear Mira
I know times are getting hard
But some day in Jamaa
We'll have peace and friends not war 
Jamaa'll be good
We'll have what Zios said we would
His word is good
Hey there dear Mira
Phantoms shot their blue rays
If every great phantom attack
Would take one land away
Jamaa'll be gone
The phantom´s terrible work'll be done
Jamaa'll be gone
Our objective´s pretty far
But we've got Zios and you and us
We'll fight for you till the last day
An army of jammers like us
Makes Zios and you know
That at the end will all shout yay
Dear Mira I can promise you
That by the time phantoms get through
Jamaa will never ever be the same
And phantoms to blame
Hey there dear Mira
Phantom´s wanna make us history
One more effort and be done with em
When Jamaa wins and ends the story
We'll know it´s all because of you
Jamaa can do watever you want too
Hey there dear Mira here´s to you
Jamaa for you.
I want to record it and make an AJMV, but unfortunately I can´t sing to save my lufe so I´m gonna try and get someone in real life to sing it.
What do you think of teh idea?
Here is the FC:
Mostly just use plants and adventure items, it´ll do the trick.
See ya!


  1. I like the helmet to bad i am nonmember
    - panda23617

  2. I can sing it! I'm not great but I can try :D

  3. Lol yeah the chorus is going to be a bit tricky

  4. Now why is a Pitchfork your most popular post?

    The most popular post on Animal Jam Community is the free membership one with 60,000 views


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