Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emerald Ring

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for lack of posting, I have been really busy again. Im gonna try and keep up from now on.
Today's item is just another ring. Personally I think rings are not really the best of items, but it might be usefull for some posh King or Queen Outfit or something like that, if you are a dressup kind uf jammer.
There seem to be quite a bit of precious stones in Jamaa. Gems (obviously), diamonds, emeralds, saphires, green and orange alpha stones, crystals and all the birthstones. Probably they all come from the awesome caves in adventures.
Now, here is today's Outfit Idea! 
Just a random wolf, thats the outfit I have on my storage acount, although i change it quite a lot.
I bring you this random picture of two maniac dancing koalas (AKA HelpTheEndangered297 and me.
I like to be random.
And last but not least, the featured comment!
Fortunately not, Furryanimals XD
Wouldnt it be sooo awesome if we could go to other planets in the universe were Jamaa is?
What would all the planets be like?
Comment your ideas!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Eagles and Telescopes

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Whoah, long time no post! Sorry about that, I haven´t lost interest in Animal Jam, its just that I have been very busy with real life, you know, homework, exams, sports, hobbies... The list would be endless.
Hopefully now I will go back to posting daily.
Thanks soooooooooooo much for 900,000 views! I will probably make a party and a contest with big prizes at 1,000,000. And thanks for our most views in a day ever yesterday: 4105! Thats, like, crazy! :D
Now for today´s returning item, which is one of my personal all-time favourites.
I love items like these that are so jamaasian but at the same time human. I remember back in 2011 when I had one in my small den´s backyard and I would roleplay phantom watching with my buddies, and we supposedly looked at the phantoms formation´s and stuff, and if they came too close we hid on the top floor of the Chamber of Secrets to be safe from the phantom invasion :)
It was epic how back then everyone knew all about Jamaa´s History and AJHQ actually cared about Zios and Mira and alphas were shamans.
I suppose we have to accept that AJHQ can´t make AJ that religious, but it was cool anyway. 
Well, now let´s talk about EAGLES! I think they are really awesome. AJHQ would have made many jammers happy if they had made them cost 1000 gems, but I guess they really need money from jammers buying diamonds and memberships and stuff. Though I still think AJ was better off without diamonds, but as everyone knows, they unfortunately came to stay and AJHQ wouldn´t remove them even if both Julian2 and snowyclaw and LilacPetal and bepper started a giant manifestation spread on ten different servers :P 
I´m getting off the point. Well, so as everyone knows, eagles can fly. Maybe the eagles hability to fly is sort of AJHQ´s way to please all the jammers who want skyways back? 
The only bad things about eagles flying are:
1. Strictly only eagles can fly. If while being an eagle flying round the air you change to a non flying animal, you appear on the ground with the non flying animal. Oh well, it was worth a try :p
2. They cannot go to adventures. But probably there will be an eagle adventure really soon because in an eagle-only island on the adventure base camp there is a broken portal. Maybe that adventure will include eagle alphas?
3. They cannot use slides. This one sounds kind of pointless, but everyone has to admit it, even though they are only a tiny detail in the awesomeness of Jamaa, slides rock.
I bought an eagle. Here is what it looks like.
Yes, my eagle believes it can fly over the rainbow. Its an ultra-fast albine mutant eagle. It has four wings, two for power, two smaller ones for perfect precision and speed and little ones on the head for even more quality and delicate manoeveuring or however you spell that.
Here are the actions of eagles:
This one is sit. It looks good if you want to perch on something.
Eagles dance really weird. They sort of prance around pointing out their wings and then they jump and twirl in the air wackily. Unfortunately this is so dizzing that only hamburgers want to dance with eagles.
Eagles sleep kind of like penguins, lying down facing to the sky. Plus, eagles look like they are snoring. I thought most birds sleep with their head under their wings, but obviously eagles prefer breathing in fresher air. And they sleep on a cloud. Although it is really wacky it looks cool and is a good solution to the big dilema of sleeping mid-air. Imagine being able to carry a soft, comfy cloud with you and being able to leave it in the air to sleep on it. but as clouds are really made from water vapour (or maybe it was tiny droplets of water, I can´t remember right now) you would probably not only fall but get kinda wet.
And last but not least, play. As you can see it is kind of glitchy.
Now for secret areas. So far I have only found two. One is pretty obvious, seing as AJHQ were thoughtfull enough to put a sign.
Ok, I think that is supposed to be an eagle, and there are arrows. So if you follow them...
...you get to a cool little island with a broken adventure portal!
This, as I mentioned before, probably means there will soon be awesome eagle adventures! YAY!
This is the other secret area. Its a kind of void in the parardise party. Cool! There is always at least an eagle there, at least when the party is on.
Well, with so much talking (well, typing) about eagles, I almost forgot about what day is today. Nope, nothing awesome like 10-spike-giveaway day or no-school-for-a-century day (or centurt?) or Homework Abolished Day. Its just Fact Friday.
*crowd moans*
Ok, seing as I have missed quite a bit of Giveaway Thursday, the jammer who guesses the right random number in between 67 and 124 will get a free fox hat.
Here are the three featured comments:
Be sure to visit these blogs! Here are the URLs because you probably don´t want to copy letter by letter from the picture.
So, see ya!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Starfish and Heart Couch

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry this post is late, I overslept. Classical Sunday :P
Well, yet again there are two new items today! The first one is the Statfish, a returning underwater decoration.
I have always liked this item, I like items that have shapes instead of colors. And the GIFs are easier to make XD
And the next item is the Heart Couch, also returning. It can be found for 300 gems (or was it 350?) at Jam Mart Furniture and it is just what you need for getting into the Friendship Spirit!
That looks so comfortable. I will celebrate the Frienship Party by sustituting my Cosmo Hammock for one of those.
Well, they are incredibly small so I had to use two, but it´s a great bed. And Bananas, Spiky, Froggy and Coolcat seem to like it too. I wanted to put my whole plushie collection over there but It wouldn´t fit. 
Today there is no extra because it´s Sleepy Sunday and I have to go and do some homework, so here is the Featured comment.
Hum, I suggest using Screencast O Matic because it´s free, and if you want something more advanced for editing and recording, I also recomend Camtasia Studio. I have never used it but apparently it is very good.
See ya tomorrow, hope you enjoyed the post!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heart Earmuffs and Aquamarine birthstone, and Youtube channels and this is a really long title and now I will stop wasting time and go on with the real post and lol, this is like the longest title I've given to a post ever

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry this post is kind of late.
Two new items today! First, heart earmuffs!
That is... weird. And why does it have a hole on the inside, to fit the ear or what? 
And the next item is this month´s birthstone.
Today was supposely Showoff Saturday, but no one sent anything so it´s Showless Saturday XD
And last but not least, featured comment!
Answer: I use photoshop.
Sorry for short post, I'm busy because I'm trying to get my youtube channel properly designed and stuff so I can actually use it :D