Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emerald Ring

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for lack of posting, I have been really busy again. Im gonna try and keep up from now on.
Today's item is just another ring. Personally I think rings are not really the best of items, but it might be usefull for some posh King or Queen Outfit or something like that, if you are a dressup kind uf jammer.
There seem to be quite a bit of precious stones in Jamaa. Gems (obviously), diamonds, emeralds, saphires, green and orange alpha stones, crystals and all the birthstones. Probably they all come from the awesome caves in adventures.
Now, here is today's Outfit Idea! 
Just a random wolf, thats the outfit I have on my storage acount, although i change it quite a lot.
I bring you this random picture of two maniac dancing koalas (AKA HelpTheEndangered297 and me.
I like to be random.
And last but not least, the featured comment!
Fortunately not, Furryanimals XD
Wouldnt it be sooo awesome if we could go to other planets in the universe were Jamaa is?
What would all the planets be like?
Comment your ideas!


  1. First! :P
    I think one of the planets would be a phantom planet and a wind planet... And more of course!
    Today's new item is... weird... XD
    Oh and by the way, cool outfit!

  2. Second! :P lol

    I also think aj should have planets, and like m0nkeygirl said, we should have a phantom planet...and maybe ajhq could move the adventure bass camp to it?

    That outfit is rlly random XD

    And the "glitch ring" probably isn't glitchy anymore XD

    ~furryanimals ( Add me! )

  3. I would love the new item, but I just turned NM... :(
    I think the phantoms would inhabit the planet where Zios came from. Creepy outfit. XD But it's cool!


  4. I would like a _ i n _ / c _ i _ / i c _ / c r _ _ m / p _ a n _ _
    your words to put in the blanks are t, m, e, p, h, l, e, t, a, e,
    i give a hint thats what u told u like on den ideas garden part (u did the emote) and thats a flavor from a herd that is related to a candy flavor and a spicy green tictac flaour. and hint its freezy meezy yummy iceey and creamy

    1. 'non members should get more' i can say this without any problem bcuz i will become a member. really nms get nothing good...

    2. Hello,
      Mister Chunkybuddy,
      I think that there should be an April Fools Day week-
      #!- April Fools day
      #2- Ice cream day
      #3 Opposite day
      #4- Randomness day
      #5- Animal Behavior day
      #6- ?
      #7- ?
      Guys please give me suggestions for 2 more days.


    3. no guesses well that was a
      MINT CHIP ICE CREAM PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry caps, that makes me hyper)

  5. I agree that some items just don't work out on animals... like rings and shirts and stuff, but they do look cool sometimes, like if you pretend to be Sir Gilbert or Greely.

    Please check out my blog animaljamhappenings.blogspot.com! I really need viewers!

  6. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hopefully u make this the featured comment cuz I found something cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go to my den and u will see I was really shocked at first but its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its a surprise u have to find out for yourself...............
    - panda23617

  7. Did I win the foxhat as u sent me a random fox hat


  8. Can you guys look at my Animal Jam blog please? :)
    Here's the link:

  9. lol the ring looks weird on animals XD


  10. so last week I was on my non member backup account and I noticed that non members don't get to repost their chat. that's just ridiculous to me. I mean it doesn't make any sense. AJHQ seems to give members ALL advantages possible even if its the most unfair thing ever. I can understand giving members some advantages like writing in jam a grams but non members not being able to receive gifts just does not make sense. well thanks for reading. I love your blog mister chunkybuddy! ~tryhard51


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