Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yep. We did it. We got a million total views.
I'm not that good at this emotional type of thing. I'm just so happy I found about Animal Jam.
I remember when I first joined, how interested I was and how I played every day.
And when I found out about Fuzzy Shyivy´s blog (click here) and decided to make my own.
The rest, as it is usually said, is history :p
Thanks everyone for being there and reading this blog so I don´t talk to the wall and for posting so many amazing comments (well, most of them, but haters are present on all blogs).
So, naturally I will be having a contest, and very probably a party.
This has only started jammers, thanks everyone again.
It would be cool to include a picture from jamaa here, but unfortunately I have a flash problem, thats why I have not posted this few days.
Thanks again, jammers.




  2. wow mbc, CONGRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was the first animal jam blog i ever read, i was at the diamond shop jumping when i was young and a COMPLETE noob and i looked up: animal jam and i found your legends. I was soo hooked i got logged off because i was reading them XD then i just read this blog every day. Hmm maybe you could add some more funny pictures.. just an idea.. (random thanks to fungymnast who got me into animal jam) so yeah.. your blog and snowys blog and pinks blog and every blog in jamaa inspired me to make a blog. :3
    ~jzale314 :3

  3. and here is my blog:


  4. Congrats on the million views! Can't wait for the next million! XD
    ~ KrazyCanuck81

  5. congrats mister million views! i will send u gift today when i log in now. it would be a lolipop necklace DX

  6. Your blog is the best blog ever!! Yes, even better than Snowyclaws!! <-- Hope that made ur day <3 The next million, billion, and even trillion views will go as fast as a heartbeat! We'll be with you forever!! (Well, at least I'l be... o3o not to be creepy)

    Your loyal reader forever.

    tradeplushieswithmeplease (coolfunnyuawesome and owl37305 send their reguards, also!)

  7. Congratulations, I hope you get more views soon!


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