Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Foolz!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy! I managed to get into the April Fools Party, here are some pics+ items!
Like other years, everything is upside down! (And yep, there are cheese hats :DDDDD)
And here is the classic flying den item shop!
Same items as last year... Will there be some new ones?
Mixed up games... You don't get to play the one you clicked :p
Pwesome Plushieness! Plushies are just amazing.
And the awesome new shop... Will there be icecream hats?
Wooow! Perfect!
Wow, that makes me hungry!
This item just makes me so happy. I always wanted AJ to have a cheese hat.
WARNING: This one might get you ketchuppy
Hey, these ones could come in handy...
This one is so much better than the regular tuxedo: Much happier and colorful, and a lot cheaper.
So, home you enjoyed, see you!


  1. They should put more April Fools parties since they're the ones coming up... I still haven't gotten a chance to go and I really want some of those glasses...

    Please check out my blog:

  2. ahhh that party gives me a headache!!!!

  3. YAY :D your back XD
    april fools party confuses my about walking in air its infinite area and it makes me go mad!!!
    Yay cheese hat nm !

  4. lol! sometime you shouls show us what it is like in madjasterxyz"s den!!!!!! goodluck getting in, its always full!!!!!!!!

  5. :Uses a cauldron of luck potion and wishes "Help Mister get rid of homework":
    AWWW why arent u posting...
    one of my favorite blogger u are(i guess my first 1 favorite)

  6. Misterchunkybuddy, is it ok if I asked you how you take screenshots on an HP computer? I own a blog, but we can't find any other way to take screenshots rather then taking pictures on an iPod.

  7. Hi!!!!! my name is blossomshiver20265 on aj plus Mister Chunky Buddy I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOOO MUCH I BANGED MY HEAD CAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH XD keep up the good work! you can try and buddy me too bye sorry if i dont have enough slots i will probally make room for them too!


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