Friday, March 14, 2014

Clover earmuffs

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s resold item is cool, but kind of weird.
This is a Lucky Day Classic, but it still seems as weird to me as the first time I saw it :P
Looks weird on koalas, too.
Don´t forget to send your art for showoff saturday, BTW!
Today is FaCt FrIdAy!
:p Random.
I will do a 1,000,000 views party when I can sort out the time. Cant wait :)
And here is the featured comment!
It was the easter search gift for 2011. Currently you can only get it trading.
See ya, be happy!


  1. Woah. o.o That koala looks a little strange...

  2. yeah clover ear muffs do look a bit..... odd..... jamaaladay ear muffs look pretty cool on koalas though! Mbc, why do you only have three animals? and sometimes only one..?


  3. oh and mbc, i have a glitch on blogger were i'll change my little comment picture thing to my bunny them log off my account on the computer then when i get back on it changes back to blogger... ?

  4. Great STARCLAN, those earmuffs look horrible on koalas!! Can I go blind? XD I like the red earmuffs though, I think they'd look good on an arctic wolf.

  5. Happy Pi Day by the way!! (3/14, haha. Nerd joke :P)

    1. same to you and everyone
      Happy Pi day! (belated)
      π = 22/7 = 3.14159265359

  6. Mister, I went to your den when you were making this post. ASA you changed to clover earmuffs, It got funny LOL. BTW yesterday i was going to tell you about my new plushie museum and a rare species of panda brown and creamish white they are quinling pandas!

  7. I have a fact: School is SO BORING!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

  8. Hey MCB, you know how you always say clothes look really goofy on koalas? Well try this, put the epic dragon mask on your koala. It looks rediculus! P.S. I've been trying to send you a buddy request but you're not accepting.

    Anyway, bye!


  9. The earmuffs look bizzare to every animal


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