Saturday, March 8, 2014

Clover Tie

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Wow, I'm posting kinda early. I woke up to post early because today I will be hiking for almost the whole day and will get back home rather late. Probably tomorrow I will put up on here some of the photos I will take, apparentle the place we're going to is really awesome :)
But now for some even awesomer news: Yesterday we had 6827 pageviews! Thanks a lot everyone for viewing, I never thought my blog would become this popular :)
I will undoubtly have a party at 1,000,000, which will be rather soon if we continue having this much views :D
Now for the new item, which will definetly brighten up your tuxedo jacket and any oufit, actually!
I thought it might look good if I wore it with a matching topcoat, but things tend to look weird on koalas :P
So I tried on an eagle, and it looks ok-ish.
Also today I got a kinda weird glitch...
I couldn´t click on anything so I had to refresh. AJHQ seems to be even worse than me in maths :p
And it´s Sleepy Sunday! Let´s be lazy!
Yes, I managed to get two eagle plushies! The green one is called Clover and the blue one Tsunami.
Here is the featured comment!
Unfortunately yes. I know it´s kind of sad when someone quits but sometime everyone grows out of AJ. (Or maybe not, I personally don´t think I will quit anytime soon)
Have a good day/noon/afternoon/evening/night/whatever!
P.S. Have a good life. Now it works for everyone XD


  1. Where did you get that easter basket? It's so pretty.

  2. i think its beta :P and-
    YAY i had featured comment! 80 :D


    1. i have two eagle plushies. a blue one named sky and a yellow one named butter x3


    2. i have some plushies that i cant think of names for: a pinkish purple eagle plushie a purple deer and a purple raccoon. ( got lots of purple plushies..)


    3. if you visit my volcano den all the plushies are upstairs :P


  3. Mr chunky buddy, I read on your profile that you like WARRIOR CATS!!!!! XD I LOVE WARRIOR CATS! I even lead my own clan! Do ya think that maybe you could join? Also, I am a book fan of yours. Anyways, what warrior cat book are you on? I am waiting to read the first battle. My clan's name is braveclan, and I am the leader, JEWELSTAR! If you wood like to join, send me a jam a gram. Nonmembers, just send me the join our wolf pack jam a gram. Members, you can tell me what you want to be in the clan. I already have deputy and a med cat, and I already have MY apprentice, but we could use more warriors, some elders, queens, kits, and apprentices. Thanks, moonstar88745, A.K.A. JEWELSTAR of braveclan

    1. also mr chunky buddy can u PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ buddy me on animal jam i am moonstar88745, if u buddy me you could join brave clan!

  4. Hope your hike was fun!

    Check out my blog!

  5. MISTER MISTER MISTER! I JOINED YOUTUBE PLZ CHECK OUT MY CHANEL IT IS AJangelgal1 I only have 2 videos but im gonna make more.

  6. How do you name your plushies?? And remember the names?? I got rid of all my Claw plushies ;-; I don't really miss them, oddly enough. Don't judge the username, people. Just don't. 030

    -tradeplushieswithmeplease of Animal Jam Style


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