Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What is Peck really like?

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
So, today I was waiting for AJ to load, and I saw the picture of Peck, the bunny alpha, with the brush.
That made me think that AJHQ represents Peck in many different ways, and somehow she is kind of different each time.
In this picture, Peck looks kind of silly and, sorry to say, slightly undignified for an alpha.
Is Peck really the kind of animal which goes around pulling weird faces? Personally I think this does not fit in much with the way Peck is usually described, that kind of personality fits more with Graham, I suppose.
(Look at her right eye 0_o)
In this picture she looks artisitic (obviously) and jolly, and also kind of spontaneous, because it's clear she was just painting and then suddenly she jumped in the air for some reason, probably to get into a photo or something :p)
At first AJHQ described Peck as "punk rock". Punk rock style is usually related to crazy hairstyles and leather jackets and lots of chains and tacks, and Peck's face in that picture does not look much like that.
"Punk rock rabbit, Artist & Rebel"
See? Peck does not always match to this description.
Art can take the form of loads of things, including music, but it is not mentioned much that Peck's sings.
Picture credit to Animal Jam Nox:
Well, here she has a kind of wacky face, but appart from that, she just seems as creative and happy as always. Only thing is I think Peck can do much better than that sun thing. Maybe it's Zios? That mouth matches Zios' mouth shape.
Here Peck looks charming and artistic, and kind of mystical and honourable. This is probably the picture which I think matches her personality best.
This is Peck's old look. The way she actually looks hasn't changed much, except before she matched more the shape of an average AJ bunny, and now she has giant lashes, which is kind of weird because it seems like she is wearing makeup or something, which really doesn't match her rebel and outgrageous side. Now her hair is slighly less spiky, too.
Hum, this is just creepy. She looks like some weird doll, sort of plastic like.
Here she looks epic and mystical. Not really much like her.
So what do you think Peck really is like? See ya!
P.S: I drew a giraffe :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Legends: How Peck Became an alpha part 2

Peck saw the ray slowly going towards her. What really was about two seconds seemed like ages for here, as, paralised and unable to react, she watched it getting closer and closer, until there was only about a centimetre left for it to touch her. But then, she felt as if a blast of energy appeared next to her. The ray bounced back to the creature, which disapeared in a puff of smoke. The impact threw Peck backwards, and she stayed there with her eyes closed, so puzzled she couldn't even stop and think of a reasonable explanation fo what had just happened.
When she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful blue heron with a silver glow wich seemsed to come from her inside. It was so beautiful, Peck didn't feel the need to decorate it like she did with everything else. She couldn't think of a painting or sculpture marvellous enough to contain the feeling she had. A feeling that cannot even be described with words. A feeling so full of intuition and hope, and glory and admiration. She felt so overwhelmed, she stayed still for the first time of her live.
Then, the heron spoke: 
"My name is Mira the Sky Mother. I have been watching you, Peck, and you have a talent which could help a lot with this everlasting war against phantoms. Phantoms are pure evil and chaos, and you were almost attacked by one."
So that as that strange creature. "A talent?" Peck whispered. Everyone said she was great at art, but she had never thought it could be considered a talent. 
"Not only your gift for art, Peck, wich is amazing enough, but you have the talent of bringing color into the world, and it takes a determined sould to bring color into times of darkness."
The next few minutes Mira explained how phantoms were created from her tears, and how she had lost Zios and her hope, but was now getting alphas to fight the phantoms who menaced her land.
And then, the feeling of sadness she had for Mira, mixed with how amazing of her she thought it was to stand up and face her biggest fear, which she had uncounsciously created (with the help of the dark and mean elements of Jamaa and an SBI television, of course) and now wanted to defeat. She saw Mira in her mind, standing up for Jamaa.
Of course, she acepted Mira's offer to help fight, but when she first got to Jamaa, before even digging a burrow, the first thing she did was transfer her feelings to wool and thread, and that's how she created one of her best ever art pieces, a tapestry which described Mira.
That tapestry, with all the others ancient objects with so much meaning and memories about Jamaa's history, is still to this date in the Chamber of knowdlege.
Hope ya enjoyed, sorry about the huge gap between the first and second part!
P.S: Jammer of the Month and Epic Den of the Month pages updated!

Few changes

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I am alive, and I haven't quitted AJ.
I just decided that I want to make a few changes to this blog, hopefully they will all be for good.
I will no longer post daily items.  I decided this because all AJ blogs post the new item. You know the typical new item posts I make which are just New Item Gif- comment about it- random extra stuff-Daily schedule extra- featured comment. These types of posts are not that interesting because after all, every single AJ blogs does that kind of thing, and therefore the new item can be found in any blog.
So I will still try to post everyday, but the posts will be about stuff about Jamaa, and I will hopefully write much, much more legends, because it is one of my favourite parts of AJ blogging and I haven't been doing it much lately.
I will try to keep the pages much more often updated, and I also want to ampliate the archives.
So I will still post every day, but the posts will not be about daily items, but about Legends, Contests and Giveaways, things about Jamaa, etc.
And I want to have much more time to answer to comments and hopefully do much more stuff like contests and parties and meetings and discussion pages, so this is not just a blog in which I write and you read.
So now I will update all the pages that need updating and when I finish I will start withe the legends, mysteries and everything.
Happy jamming, I hope the changes are for good!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Amazingly Super Epic Blossomed Pink Cherry Tree

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today's item is pretty nice and will give a really awesome spring athmosphere to your den!
Is it just me, or does this item have a sort of japaneese charm?
Anyway I like it, and I put it in my den.
My den's garden is so full I'm actually having to remove the furniture to fit in more plants. AJHQ, please give us some more inventory slots!
By the way, if you wanna contact AJHQ but no matter what you do they won't answer, try and get to them by twitter (@PlayAnimalJam) because at least most of the time they actually answer.
Lets see if they answer. 
Oh, and if you happen to stop by twitter, please follow me! @McbAJ
Enough twitter for today. Here is an awesome pic of the complete phantom armor on a wolf!

Obviously, credit to Mythicalspiritwolf1.
Sooooo, see you tomorrow! Happy Sleepy Sunday. 
Well, actually I'm not really sleepy because I'm catching up on all the easter homework I left for last minute XD
See you in Jamaa, if my homework allows me to stop by!
P.S: Anyone knows any cool music they'd like to share in the comments? I'm kind of running out on things to listen while I do homework :P
P.S.2: If you have twitter, remember!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Woven Shoes

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for the break, I am really gonna try hard to keep up from now on.
So, today's new item are woven shoes, luckily Non Member! YAY!
Nice, but AJHQ seems to be releasing loads of shoes lately.
I managed to get three diamond shop animal plushies at last :)
Introducing Gary, Sprinter and Lily. My plushie collection is reallly getting big.
And look, now when you lock your den you can remove your non buddies who are there. I suppose it's useful but I don't think I'll use it much, it would feel bad if someone kicked you out of a den.
You mean a signature? You can get them on, and if you want some decoration on them you can use some picture editing program like gimp or photoshop. 
Happy Jamming!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tutu & Picket Fence

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I have awesome news: Yesterday we got 9462 views! That is amazing, keep it up!
Today we have two new items, one of them is a tutu, perfect if you like the frilly look.
Three layers of puffyness abviable in eight colors. Too bad there is no yellow.
Watch me twist and spin in graceful greatness!
The next item is a really useful fence.
It has a lot of uses and is non member, so it is the perfect adition to any garden or backyard, or just random decorations inside a den.
And talking about dens, I think AJHQ should allow us to have more den items, because even if you can have 20 different dens, its now much use if the inventory capacity only lets you have enough items to have about 3 dens completely decorated with different themes.
And we should be able to actually place more items per den, because if you are the type of person who likes highly decorated gardens like it happens to me, after filling a garden with plants and stuff you practically have no space to put anything in the rest of the den.
Here is the featured comment!
Yes, I wonder how wood floor looks too! I will try and get more pics of floors and walpapers on the Sol Arcade Den. Until then, see you in Jamaa!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sol Arcade Den Review

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Finally I finished all the homework and exams that I had this term and now I will start posting daily again!
I just bought some diamonds so I can buy a Sol Arcade Den, and here is a review for it. Enjoy!
It is practically identical to the real Sol Arcade, but empty. 
This is how different floors look on it:
Click for full size. I think all of these designs are pure awesomeness, AJHQ has done a great job adapting them so they really suit the den. My favourite one is the Yellow Dinner Tiles. (The fifth one)
And this is how wallpapers look:
Wow, all of these are so unbeliaveably epic! I decided to choose the Blue Stars for my den.
Actually my den decoration turned out kind of weird, all yellow and purple. Normally I don´t like purple but I think it looks good on the den. 
If you want, check it out yourselves, I left it open.
Happy Jamming!