Sunday, April 20, 2014

Amazingly Super Epic Blossomed Pink Cherry Tree

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today's item is pretty nice and will give a really awesome spring athmosphere to your den!
Is it just me, or does this item have a sort of japaneese charm?
Anyway I like it, and I put it in my den.
My den's garden is so full I'm actually having to remove the furniture to fit in more plants. AJHQ, please give us some more inventory slots!
By the way, if you wanna contact AJHQ but no matter what you do they won't answer, try and get to them by twitter (@PlayAnimalJam) because at least most of the time they actually answer.
Lets see if they answer. 
Oh, and if you happen to stop by twitter, please follow me! @McbAJ
Enough twitter for today. Here is an awesome pic of the complete phantom armor on a wolf!

Obviously, credit to Mythicalspiritwolf1.
Sooooo, see you tomorrow! Happy Sleepy Sunday. 
Well, actually I'm not really sleepy because I'm catching up on all the easter homework I left for last minute XD
See you in Jamaa, if my homework allows me to stop by!
P.S: Anyone knows any cool music they'd like to share in the comments? I'm kind of running out on things to listen while I do homework :P
P.S.2: If you have twitter, remember!


  1. The Phantom Armor looks really epic... but adventures take too long for me.
    You can try listening to some instrumental jazz or something-- try searching "relaxing music" on YouTube. Those aren't too distracting for me.

    1. Same here! And thanks for the suggestion :D

    2. Hey mister chunkybuddy! Put an epic dragon mask on your koala trust me! THEY LOOK SO FUNNY!

  2. Try imagine dragons, they have all sorts of songs on there new ablum. -fredmonster2003

    1. Yes, I already listen to them. They're pure awesomeness XD

    2. im only a man with a candle to guide me.....
      im bleeding out....
      woah oh oh, woah oh, oh
      take you with me if i can, been dreaming of this since a child...

      match the lyrics with the imagine dragons songs!

    3. I luv Imagine Dragons too! XD I don't know anyone who listened to them that doesn't enjoy their music. (:

  3. I listen to songs from movies and T.V shows I like. I listen to adventure time remix's.
    I love dubstep and stuff like that. OOOO and I love Tobuscus songs.Some of his new ones are a little weird. I like Diamond sword and Safety torch.
    Here are some cool songs, ( A few of them are for an older audience so if you are like... Young, don't watch/listen to some of them... There are only two that are like that. The Tombraider one and the one by Dan Bull.)

  4. I feel you, Misterchunkybuddy. :(
    My inventory slots are ALWAYS full! I wish i have an extra 200 or 100 slots. D:

  5. i also need more den slots and i do my homework on the bus sometimes to i just listen to people talking, if i do my homework at home i listen to the wonderful noises of the clock ticking of the sink dripping :P

  6. oh and mcb, can you update the jammer of the month, epic den of the month* and archive?
    *i nominate my volcano den for epic den of the month :P

    1. I nominate my castle den :D

      (its so rare and epic XD)

  7. mister, how do you take screenshots on a laptop? anyway would be great!

    p.s like me new profile pic :D

  8. This blog is pawsome! :3 :D
    And I agree with you, AJ NEEDS to add more inventory space!! I always have to delete an item when buying a den item (sometimes clothing too) and I don't like to. XD I also agree with you that the Cherry Blossom Tree is pretty! :)

  9. You should listen to Hall of Fame by the Script, definitely, if you aren't already.


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