Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tutu & Picket Fence

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I have awesome news: Yesterday we got 9462 views! That is amazing, keep it up!
Today we have two new items, one of them is a tutu, perfect if you like the frilly look.
Three layers of puffyness abviable in eight colors. Too bad there is no yellow.
Watch me twist and spin in graceful greatness!
The next item is a really useful fence.
It has a lot of uses and is non member, so it is the perfect adition to any garden or backyard, or just random decorations inside a den.
And talking about dens, I think AJHQ should allow us to have more den items, because even if you can have 20 different dens, its now much use if the inventory capacity only lets you have enough items to have about 3 dens completely decorated with different themes.
And we should be able to actually place more items per den, because if you are the type of person who likes highly decorated gardens like it happens to me, after filling a garden with plants and stuff you practically have no space to put anything in the rest of the den.
Here is the featured comment!
Yes, I wonder how wood floor looks too! I will try and get more pics of floors and walpapers on the Sol Arcade Den. Until then, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Wow! Your den is amazing! Also, could you update the funny pics page? I think it's hilarious and I want to see more. Thanks!

  2. i though that the tutu would look good on bunny's but it is just awkward... and i also want more den slots! i have none left and i have plushie fever!!
    and i agree with wolfpaws4330 i would like to see some more funny-ness (is that a word?)

  3. Amazing den!

  4. i have gone into madjasterxyz's clan! im cherrykit!

  5. i love clanning too! i am sunkit!

    1. i am a moon warrior and i think u were my buddy?

    2. I think i exiled a kit from thunder clan called sunkit O.O btw im brokenclaws :D

    3. wow! i am stormpaw, but the darkforest keeps coming, so i ordered my own exile for a while for my own safety, and to keep the clan safe.

  6. doesnt the tutu look like skirt that spanish flamenco dancers wear on koalas... I am saying tis cuz of the scene maybe maybe maybe in zindagi na milegi dobara movie which is a indian film whose story takes place in spain or a encyclopedian pic...

  7. do you know how much a fox hat is worth?

  8. Hey mister, how do you make a logo at the end of your posts? I am now a new aj blogger so I wanna have something fun at the end :D

  9. I know I am not mister chunkybuddy, but just go to and follow the steps. ~elizaboo1104

  10. oh i love this blog so much! I loveeeeeeee the comics so much!

  11. Twirl that tutu ballerina XD JK

  12. Yo mrchunkybud-bud add me I'm imimim36617 :)

  13. This is not supposed to be a chat thingy (lol) if you want to chat like that, go on
    Twitter or Facebook you are supposed to comment ABOUT THE BLOG or something inporeant pretty37676


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