Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What is Peck really like?

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
So, today I was waiting for AJ to load, and I saw the picture of Peck, the bunny alpha, with the brush.
That made me think that AJHQ represents Peck in many different ways, and somehow she is kind of different each time.
In this picture, Peck looks kind of silly and, sorry to say, slightly undignified for an alpha.
Is Peck really the kind of animal which goes around pulling weird faces? Personally I think this does not fit in much with the way Peck is usually described, that kind of personality fits more with Graham, I suppose.
(Look at her right eye 0_o)
In this picture she looks artisitic (obviously) and jolly, and also kind of spontaneous, because it's clear she was just painting and then suddenly she jumped in the air for some reason, probably to get into a photo or something :p)
At first AJHQ described Peck as "punk rock". Punk rock style is usually related to crazy hairstyles and leather jackets and lots of chains and tacks, and Peck's face in that picture does not look much like that.
"Punk rock rabbit, Artist & Rebel"
See? Peck does not always match to this description.
Art can take the form of loads of things, including music, but it is not mentioned much that Peck's sings.
Picture credit to Animal Jam Nox:
Well, here she has a kind of wacky face, but appart from that, she just seems as creative and happy as always. Only thing is I think Peck can do much better than that sun thing. Maybe it's Zios? That mouth matches Zios' mouth shape.
Here Peck looks charming and artistic, and kind of mystical and honourable. This is probably the picture which I think matches her personality best.
This is Peck's old look. The way she actually looks hasn't changed much, except before she matched more the shape of an average AJ bunny, and now she has giant lashes, which is kind of weird because it seems like she is wearing makeup or something, which really doesn't match her rebel and outgrageous side. Now her hair is slighly less spiky, too.
Hum, this is just creepy. She looks like some weird doll, sort of plastic like.
Here she looks epic and mystical. Not really much like her.
So what do you think Peck really is like? See ya!
P.S: I drew a giraffe :)


  1. Personally, I dislike the new pictures of Peck. Her eyes seem garish to me, and suggest somebody silly and showy. Her ears look stiff, as if they had sort of robotic movement, and she's just so PINK. The old pictures weren't pink. It's not that I don't like pink, but she is drawn in rather sickly shades in the new pictures and the idea of a pink rabbit definitely won't appeal to many types of people.
    As for the eighth picture you posted, that's enough to give me nightmares. "Peck" has such a creepy, lunatic expression, and I hope I'm mistaken, but it looks like she has breasts. Breasts, for a RABBIT on a CHILDREN's game! That is just ill.

    1. Totally agree!
      And you're right, that is just wacky 0_o

    2. i think that loading screen peck's head is way to big.. i like the old peck :3

    3. True. AJ bunnies usually don't have those huge heads.

  2. I'm thinking they're trying to relate her to kids. When I think of alphas I think of old people, wise and well being. I think they changed her to make her more "child related", being sort of childish in her own ways. Sometimes, as children are, it makes her RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYING. I can't wait until we meet her voice actor for adventures! :P

    I think they should decide who she is. A punk rocker is kinda darkish and rebellious who likes to vandalize things and be kinda different. Maybe they just want Peck to be a wild card. Dunno.

  3. You were right, MisterChunckyBuddy. That one really does look plastic-like.... Creepy. 0.0

  4. Ya that pic of her drawing is just weird. I mean I'm not an alpha but I can draw 100 times better than what she is drawing in the pic. Look at my DeviantART profile for proof.

    1. Yes.
      And you're right, spaghetti can be very scary.

  5. LAWL
    I totally like the old peck better, but I'm fine with the new one.
    In the beta days, she had a curious but shy look about her, as if she was also cautious, and maybe she was going to burst into song or create something better than the Mono Lisa or something.
    I love her boldness and creativity, but just one thing: I really hope that AJHQ doesn't make her the BAD kind of weird and all into pop-coulture and stuff… thats my fear.

  6. in the one picture where she is looking like a scarey doll... she kinda looks like creepy pasta in that picture


  7. sorry for the big spots im bored XD

  8. Edwingrim2, too lazy to log in.Thursday, June 05, 2014

    I don't think that those are "giant lashes" on beta Peck.
    It's probably patterning. ^.^


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