Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enter Scooter's contest!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Just wanted to say, Scooter from the Animal Jam Sky Blog (an awesome blog, click here to visit it) is having a "Draw Scooter" contest, basically consisting on drawing Scooter's snow leopard. 
Be sure to enter!
 Here is my entry:
The lines are really weird because I lost my liquid ink pen which I use for drawings and had to do it with my half dry black biro. Believe me, it's really stressing to try and draw properly with a half dry biro.
Also, I was thinking it would be cool if I drew things from Jamaa, etc that you jammers asked me to, like snowyclaw does. You know, animals and stuff.
I'll probably do that when I get a new pen :p.
So, be sure to enter Scooter's contest and have a great day!


  1. Thanks so much for announcing my contest! Nice drawing, it is one of the best! There are lots of entries ^-^ Thanks again!

    --Scooter (Animal Jam Sky Blog)

  2. How do you draw like that? So do you use a pen then download it onto the computer and continue from there? How do you do it?

    1. I draw it normally with a pencil on paper, then I outline with pen, and then rub out the pencil lines and scan it. Then on the computer I color it in and draw the shadows.

    2. How do you scan it? I have been trying for ages. Do you go into Paint or something?

    3. gngv ykixezixcofyvfoicc6xe8cifyvkghjn

  3. Nice blog dude. Not really sure what to say now. XD buddy me!


    1. THANK YOOOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, MUST CALM DOWN NOW. I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD


  4. EPIC! I hope you win! God luck. :3

  5. I love scooters blog and yours! You actully won first place in scooters contest too!

  6. Yay! Awesome job! I saw the post and you won along with another person! I think Scooter picked the right ones! I also entered a picture. Kinda bummed when I saw I didn't win too, but I think yours was EPIC!!!!
    Heres a link to me drawing! Do you still do the show off day? If you do, can you show it? :D

  7. Hey!
    TXShamugirl7 here and i just wanted to drop in and say nice drawing! I bet it'll win. I'm going to enter too :P

  8. hi whats a Biro p s i really like bananas blog i will have to stop commenting so often because of the impending threat of FIFTH GRADE AHHH!

  9. hi my user is Quex and i really like ur blog if today is the glove contest day still my number is 53


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