Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pillbox Hats, which are seriously weird

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I at last managed to find a moment to post!
Today's item is downright weird.
I mean, thats just strange. My personal opinion about this item, which you obviously don't have to agree with, is that it looks like some old fishing net you found on crustal sands taht with the waves has attached to some strange food bowl for pets, and someone found that clump of rubish, painted it with some paint at the art studio and stuck feathers to it.
Oh well, I suppose everyone has a different vision of what art is. 
In other news, there are really tons of rares abviable to win at the Forgotten Desert, including neon bows, whcih apparently appeared a while ago as unique items, and now are abviable again.
They really look awesome. Thanks mythicalspiritwolf1 for telling me that they are now abviable to win!
Do you think it's good or bad that now practically every single item that has ever existed in Jamaa is now abviable to win? I suppose some really rare people ar epeeved that now most rares have gone down in value, but I suppose it's better now that rares are not as rare as they used to be, because if they are not so exclusive it's easier to get them and get rare and have more fun trading, and it will be much more easier for jammers to get their dream items.
There is this glitch going on with my outfit, when I look northeast it looks like if my wing was caught inside my spike, and the top goes through the hat XD
And today is... Nope, not Showoff  Saturday. It's Story Saturday, so start preparing your popcorn for when you look back in a while, because from now on I will post a new legend every Saturday! Check back soon for today's!
And in random news, I got a new good pen for drawing, so if you want me to draw anything in particular from AJ be sure to post it in the comments and I'll try my best to do all the ones that you ask! Happy Jamming, drink coconut water because it's delicious!


  1. MisterChunkyBuddy,
    Congratulations! I saw the Sky Blog, well, you won the contest! Congratulations!
    Your really lucky! I want a drawing pad for the computer... I need to look forward to get one and start drawing as i originally do c=


  2. XD Drink coconut water. Anyway, I agree that the pillbox hat is just weird. Also, I have won a beta flower carpet from that adventure. And last thing, draw Julian2's arctic wolf. It'll look cool! BUDDY ME IF U GET DA CHANCE!!!

    - (crazy) 58spots

  3. Uh... no, please don't.


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