Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some recent updates and Forgotten Deserts

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I am so sorry I have not been posting much lately, I am soo busy right now. Thanks so much for viewing so much even when I don't post, we are now over 1,500,000 pageviews!
So, there was an update on Thursday, mainly about the first eagle adventure! Cool!
I have played a couple of times. It is quite simple: You have to find the crystals, and when you find all of one kind you get a prize. So far i've gotten two monday rares, a rocking horse and an Open Sign. I think this way to earn rares is really cool, but quite unfair for jammers who don't have eagles or are non member.
You only have 15 minutes to find as many as you can, so it is very challenging, and much easier to do with buddies.
The green ones you find lying around...
The orange ones, buried in the sand.
You know they are there because of the sparks.
The blue ones, you find by watering the dry oasis.
You get water from the rivers.
The white ones you get by sitting on cacti with sparkly clawprints.
Now that is quite a sacrifice to do to get a crystal. Ouch.
And i'm currently tring to figure out how to get the pink ones...
... but I suppose it has something to do with those archs in which four eagles have to sit on.
There are various neat little places, like a cemetery or this campsite :D
Those tents are great, I hope AJHQ sells them soon so I can put one on my Cosmo Den garden.
The next news are, hummingbirds are back!
Clawesome! I have always wanted one, and seeing as yesterday I got 2 diamonds on the daily spin (first time ever I get diamonds on there, pity I couldn't get a screenshot) I bought one.
And yes, the animal was a hyena!
I feel related to them, I also like hiding behind places to scare people :p I just hope they cost gems instead of diamonds, because it's really annoying how almost all new dens, pets and animals cost diamonds.
Den portals! Amazingly useful.
I would buy one or two if I had inventory space. I am having trouble even with accepting plushies from the claw because my den inventory is full and all of the things in there are decorating one of my dens so I don't want to recycle them or pass them to a storage account, AJHQ should really give us more space specially as now there are loads of awesome item coming out. I guess I'll have to keep on stalking them on twitter until they give us space.
And it would be cool if with den portals you could also connect between your own dens, right?
Good news! And I suppose people will now get all their favourite winter items and save them until winter :D
So enjoy the update, I have almost finished the legend I am writing (it's about eagles) and I leave you with this random graphic I just made!

See you in Jamaa!
If you don't mind wasting your time in randomness, visit my non AJ blog!


  1. Yay, updates! I'm addicted to The Forgotten Desert. You never know what you're going to get and when you a treasure chest appears in front of you, your face lights up with delight! :D

    1. mbc, i got a long yellow spike from the lost desert :D and a rare rhino helmet and a bat mask :) i love the new adventure, i am also addicted x3

  2. Yeah the den portals should be able to connect to your own dens as well.. (That would be super useful for most of my RPs)

    1. Yeah, it would be so cool to have a way to make your den have "rooms".
      And you could do neat things like putting in your garden a treehouse item with a portal inside and connect it with a treehouse den :D

    2. Wow... sounds like a really cool idea. I think it would be great if they could lead to places (lands) too.

  3. Hi Mister Chunkybuddy! Love your blog!!! I wish I could make one but my parents said no... :( Anyways, Ihope i can buddy you one day!!


    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it!
      Oh, and tell your parents that blogger is really secure and there is no need to put anything personal to create a blog.

  4. Ok, I will! And, thanks for commenting back this is like, THE FIRST TIME EVER SOMEONE HAS DONE THAT!!! I need to calm down. Even my mom said so. XD I will continue to look at your blog now!


  5. WHAAAAAA!!! Parents said no blog until I'm 18. And I'm only 8. :'(. Anyway, please buddy me if you get the chance!

  6. I'm getting an Owl tomorrow! Can't wait! I heard that you can get great prizes from the forgotten desert!


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