Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bubble Trouble

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Today we have an awesome update!
Cool! Here are some pictures...
New area on the adventure base camp! That cave is mysterious...
Underwatrer base camp! Epic!
Nice dolphins.
Other news!
Both are great news! I wonder what that prize will be! And yay for the new yellow color :D
Yay for Spirit armor! Awesome necklace and tail, too.
And I bet the flag sale is to help soccer fanatics to buy a lot of flags for the country they want to win.
I want Spain to win! They are the best!
I would have bought tons more flags, but didn't have eough inventory slots. I hope AJHQ gives us more space soon, because I really need it.
Soooo, today's giveaway!
Comment your number for a chance to win a .....
Mystery item!
In other words, i haven't thought of a prize yet :p
Here is the featured comment!
My first plushie was a normal colored tiger, and my favourite plushue is obviously Bananas the spider. I have 25 stuffed animals in real life XD
See ya!


  1. I told you I would be first to comment XD! My first plushie was a fox wit ha propeller hat. I'm not sure what you mean by number, so I'll just say 58 cuz that starts my username. KEEP MAKING EPIC POSTS!


  2. i want Spain or Uruguay to win! Spain because its a cool place and Uruguay because my teacher last year made everyone in my class root for her home country XD

  3. Hi I'm rooting for the U.S of course! They're my home country. My first plush was a brown seal. My favorite, though is a gold lion with a purple mane. I don't know what you mean, by number, but I'll say 9. I'm rooting for Spain also. My family has Spanish history
    - thelionfan

    1. The number means:
      Put a number to try to win a giveaway, MCB will choose it RANDOMLY i dont know from which to which, i think 0 - 100, So if he gets your number, you will win and get a prize! Good luck!


  4. 169, Even though Spain is not my home country i'm going to root for them anyways!:) I think that my first plushie was a pink horse with a strawberry. Of course I called it Strawberry:D

  5. my number is 23 and buddy me username is bonycat also looking for a boy

  6. bonycat again and my first plush was a blue tiger with medal and glasses

  7. 14


  8. Yay! I sincerly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new update! It's so exciting whenever Animal Jam HQ updates - the irritating thing is, YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT!

    But, that's okay. Anyway, a number... hmm! 56? Random numbah :p. :3 I also love Bananas' blog (known as one of your blogs, MCB)!


  9. Spain is a good team in football, they rock.
    And i wanna comment m number which is 10
    and bananas makes me go bananas! (see what i did in there)
    Its so cool, will my plushies i gave u come in it ever? macroni the duck and lettuce the kangaroo

  10. Hello MCB! I love all your posts! And hey! Nice post xD
    So yeah my number is 38 x3 Good luck everyone!

  11. my number is 83

  12. YOUR AT MAI DEN!!!!!!!


  13. Hi! Did you give that mystery item away yet? I hope not. Well, I'm guessing 64. Random number. Just thought it up.

    -mraiam (My AJ user)

  14. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy, how do you do that link thing on the side of your blog? I made a blog and I can't figure out that part, I'm kinda new to this blog thing.

    -mraiam (My AJ user)

  15. And now...Ten things I know about you!
    10 things I know about you:
    1. You are reading this
    2. You are human
    3. You cant say the letter "p" without separating you lips
    4. You just attempted to do it
    6. You are laughing at yourself
    7. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5.
    8. You just checked to see if there was a number 5.
    9. You're laughing at this because you fell for it and everyone else did too
    10. Now copy and paste this to see who else falls for it !

    Paws00001 buddy me ..

  16. Spain are out of the WORLD CUP! LOL! Hopefully England are knocked out at group stages as well. Easier for Brazil to win it! Come on Brazil!!! Also I'm supporting GHANA because they're epic and their kits are boss. Belgium and Germany also have a good chance. Netherlands and France also but Italy no. Costa Rica could shock the world tho...


  17. Well, I would buy tons of flags of my country but we definitely have the worst team ever (ugh I wish our class team could be able play, at the last match we won 7-0).I did bought many flags though because I am fond of geography.


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