Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lollipop Necklace

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I spent the day out.
Today's item is a resold one which used to be really popular when it first came out. Lolipop necklace!
I have always liked this item!
Price: 2000 tickets
Place: Summer Carnival
Non Member: Yes
Jamaasian: No
Colors: 8
Recycled for: 400 gems
I would give it a 7.5 out of ten, because its a great item.
It looks pretty good, but it wackily goes over gloves when worn by koalas. I suppose otherwise they would be hard to see and there would be no difference in between wearing a yellow lightning necklace or this.
Now lets move to the Freedom Party!
Like other years it is a rather small party, with two shops and a big sky with awesome fireworks.
Click those rockets to get awesome little fireworks exploding near you.
Click the rockets behing that eagle to get a stick thing. (I forgot their real name :p)
In one of the shops you can buy fireworks to bring the freedom spirit into your den...

...and in the other one, hats to show your freedomness.
See ya in the next post, which will be a story because it's Story Saturday!
I'm gonna update some pages now.


  1. I love the lollipop necklaces too! And the fireworks are awesome. I just wish the party was bigger. Congratulations on getting your membership again by the way!

  2. I luv the lollipop necklaces, by the way ur awesome, and this is 12345belle your buddy :3, i luv yellow too :3.

  3. is 12345belle i luv the lollipop necklaces and i think ur a cool buddy :3.

  4. Do you read warriors, thats why my name is nighthawk cause its in warriors and book series about cat warriors :3

    1. Everyone talks about warriors, so it must be good. I really want to read it! How many books in the series?

    2. nighthawk can you add me because I really want to know more about this book series that EVERYONE talks about. And, have you read or seen The Fault In Our Stars? Apparently it's really good too.

    3. I read the first one of warriors but I can't find the second one in any shop :(

    4. Is it any good? Sorry you can't find the second one. Try online stores or cheaper options like ebay. I hope you find it!

  5. And by the way MisterChunkybuddy, this is probably a little weird, but I have a blog that no one goes to. I really want it to be popular. It is It would mean a lot to me if you visited. Thanks!

  6. MCB, Do you go to any other blogs? I go to the Aj sky blog and urs :D


  7. misterchunkybuddy i look like u but girl version :3 XD btw my user is r81803

  8. That is strange. There is a picture on anonymous

  9. Umm If anyone wants to know here r 2 thingz. 1: I am doing a movie on AJ so if anyone wants to be in it jam a gram me (my user is bonycat) and meet me at my den at 1:00 central time for the US. 2: I AM DESPRATE FOR A HEADDRESS I WILL TRADE BETAS 4 ONE!


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