Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I got a new membership!
So here is today's update!

Awww! Seing as I have 60 diamonds from the membership, I'll buy one.
Lol! They are so funny and cute.
Next page!
It is the most awesome den ever! A bit too blue in my opinion, though.
It's truly amazing, I bought it and left it open so come and visit if you want to!
Two great news :D
It's good that AJHQ made underater adventures, it's helping a lot to make the oceans more fun and popular.
So that's all for today, see ya!


  1. Im first cuz I was hanging out with Mister all day XD Anyways I love the update I just wish it wasnt for diamonds. It proves AJHQ just wants more money. Also, everyone, Im making a blog on Monday, and it will be called The Animal Jam Star. I will try to post daily. Please visit it!



  2. YAY!! That is the BIGGEST den i have ever seen... woah.


  3. I really want that den but my computer hates Animal Jam now and I can't even get on. I don't have membership anyway, but it seems awesome to decorate ;-;

    1. Before I even had this blog, AJ hated my computer too for about a month and I couldn't go on.

  4. Try getting something new like firefox or google chrome X3 it should work on one

  5. i want 6 more diamonds sooo baad!!!!!


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