Friday, July 4, 2014

Patched chair & Scooter's party

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
 Sorry so much for not posting, I'm really busy doing summer stuff.
Before I post the new item and all that stuff, click this link:
The amazing Scooter from the amazing Animal Jam Sky Blog is having a Freedom Day Party, and it's gonna be amazing so please click the link above to see the details and go to the party. And if you haven't seen Scooter's blog before, have a look around it because it is amazing.
Now for... The NEW ITEM!
Kind of weird looking, but cool anyway.
Prize: 450 gems
Place: Outback Imports
Non member: No
Jamaasian: Sort of
Colors: 10
I would give it a 6 out of 10.
Sorry for not posting the colors, I did something weird to my gif thingy and I don't know how to put it back to normal XD
This is how the item looks like:
I put a patched rug underneath so it matched :D
Isn't the new commenting feature on the Daily Explorer awesome? I am commenting a lot. Here is proof:
Sorry, Google Chrome, I will try to slow down XD
 I discovered I have a twin! :)
Nice one, pig3410!
Here is the daily explorer post...
Bunnies are realted to horses? Wow, I didn't know that!
So, have a great freedom day!


  1. Haha first!

    - rascalcat

    1. Real comment.

      Hi, I'm rascalcat. I read the aj sky blog, and an irl friend of mine (used?) to be your buddy. She is brenna44.

      Anyway, I love you blog and your animal look! I might just become a regular viewer!

      Happy 4th of July!!

      - rascal <33

  2. Hey MCB! I too like the patched chair, but I think it needs some improvements. I have been a regular viewer for a long time but only recently started to comment. I was actually inspired to make my blog when I saw yours! Your blog is just so awesome that I wanted to own one XD

  3. hi MCB i was wondering if u would friend me daisy16312 thanks XD

  4. "The amazing Scooter from the amazing Animal Jam Sky Blog is having a Freedom Day Party, and it's gonna be amazing"
    X3 Sounds pretty amazing.

  5. can you guys please enter my Funniest Quote contest on my blog There are prizes for the winner!

  6. MCB, would you mind if we exchanged links? I would like to have more readers to my blog.

  7. hi MCB! it's me kittycatismynickname! I was just wondering if on my blog you could give me some tips, as I only started blogging yesterday! Btw You're blog is better than mine XD. Can you please add my blog to you're other blog link please? Here is the

  8. OH MAH GOD IM IN THERE IM THE AWESOME SMART EAGLE (im prettylightning6788 btw)


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