Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tiki Table, drawings and Otters (And giveaway)

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for neglecting the blog so much, I'm gonna try very hard to keep up.
Here is today's item! It is really awesome!
Price: 550 gems 
Place: Jam-Mart Furniture
Non member: No
Jamaasian: Yes
Colors: 3
Overall, it is a bit more expensive than I think it should be, but it's pretty jamaasian and good looking, so I would give it an 8 out of 10.
It is the perfect table for having a delicious summer snack in your den!
You could buy lots of them to make a cool summer outdoors restaurant!
Look, it seems as if the words in the HW (heatwave, not homework, that would be horrible) party banner wanted some freedom XD
I finally got my paws on a drawing tablet! I have been drawing a lot, that is one of the reasons why I haven't been posting.
The last words of the Face of Boe... Doctor Who forever!
Well, I'm not gonna go of topic. I might post more drawings on my randomness about my life blog if I can find time, because there is also another blog that I want to continue...
Yep, Bananas and their friends will soon be coming back! So check the Bananas' Randomness blog later today!
And wouldn't it be awesome if there was a feature in the claw machine which allowed us to customize plushie's colors, patterns and accessories so we could make our main animals into plushies? XD
Also, you probably have already heard that Otters are gonna be the new animals! Here is an awesome pic of how they will look like!
Credit to snowyclaw for posting this on her instagram @ajsnowyclaw!
I bet everyone who reads this blog already knows her's, but here is a link anyway:
Now, today is Thursday, which is Giveaway Day, so comment a random number between 1 and 100 to have a chance to win this legendary glove!
In your comment, please include your username and if you are a non member, a way in which I can give you the prize if you win.
And now I should put the featured comment, but instead of putting just one comment I'm gonna focus on an idea that many of you jammers have been commenting and jam-a-gramming me: Putting authors on the blog. Right now I don't think I'm gonna do author tryouts, but probably when summer finishes I'm gonna have a lot less time for the blog so I might do them.
So, see ya all tomorrow!


  1. Number: Hmmm... 7.
    Username: Edwingrim2
    Mem or Nonmem: Member

  2. infinitefriendship8Thursday, July 31, 2014

    I guess 32.
    My username is infinitefriendship8.
    I am a member.

  3. I guess 64.
    My user is xxfluffykitty9xx
    I am non member. ( my member is Pengy01 and please send it there. I got hacked so I lost my glove )

  4. lilhoginpitt/lilhoggieThursday, July 31, 2014

    My Guess is 23! I am a member and my username is lilhoginpitt. (Ypu probably know half of this stuff since I am your buddy)

  5. I am 58spots I guess 74 and I am a member.

  6. Thx for taking my advice sorry about my breakout to much hunger games and i have not lost confidence in u

    username coolpapa70232


  7. I choose number 23
    User: violet86271
    I'm nonmebr

    1. I didn't know u read this blog too Cassandra :D


    2. Well once in awhile but I'm gonna try to read it more

  8. I choose Number eight! (Cause its my lucky spider number) -Applestorm

  9. The pictures of the otter are a fake. They come from
    Obviously it isn't wootmoo. This person is a hacker. Please stop spreading misinformation.


    2. I choose number 55
      User: smartcheese878
      I'm a member

  10. I guess 14, and username is macymark, I am a nonmember :D

  11. I would like to be an author of this blog to help you out. I will be available for blogging on the 20th of this month. You already know my email and my blog name, so please get back to me through the 'Ask Bugzy' page or just email me. I would love to be of assistance, and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday! I'm on holiday too in Europe. Its been pretty awesome. Well, see ya!

  12. somebody tell me that's the new animal!!! OMG THE OTTER IS SO CUTE!!!

  13. lucky guess: 546!!!!! i just got a blog in july it is bad! plz check it out!!!!!

  14. 99 :D
    I'm cupcakes5072 and I'm a member :D

  15. 84 I hope I win or I will have nothing in animal jam cos i am being hacked

  16. I am wolfpaws4330 and I'm a member. My number is 83.

    Ya know MCB, I really like your blog. Keep up the good work! Also, I'd love to be an author. Hmm... Aw dang, but when school starts, I'll only be allowed on weekends. There goes my chance at being an author. Gah. XD

  17. bonycat and 568

  18. User: Wildlionkid1
    Number: 273 (My other number i wanted to do at first was 99. Can that count? If not thats ok ^-^)

  19. 50!


    Best wishes, everyone!

  20. my user is
    status is
    member until agust 21 2014

  21. Uh... 37?
    User: TXShamGirl7
    Status: Everlasting membership (sorry nm's!)

  22. TXShamuGirl7
    Yeesh I can't type my username!

  23. Number: 49
    Status:Non member

  24. I guess 20 because my username is awesomeninja20 ( I didn't know what to guess), and I am a member

  25. I guess 20 because my username is awesomeninja20 ( I didn't know what to guess), and I am a member

  26. 16

  27. 50

  28. Hi! Sorry I have not bin posting comments... A lot is going on in my life. School is terrible. My teachers are jerks... D': Also, was Killer big trouble when you first got him? Just wondering because I got a dog this summer. His name is Charlie and he's an adorable trouble maker XD I was wondering if you could give me some tips to help me. (BTW you do have a dog, right?)

  29. I'm prettylightning6788 and my guess is 13!

  30. DOCTOR WHO 4EVAH!! I am a big fan too!

  31. DOCTOR WHO 4EVAH!! I am a big fan too!

  32. my guess 84
    User: wolfman5985

  33. my guess is 76


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