Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sir Gilbert Portrait

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry this post is late, I have spent all morning drawing Tavie the dolphin alpha and Rio. This is the result.
Click for full size! 
It took ages because I'm not used to drawing digitally with all the layers and stuff, so I keep drawing things in the wrong layer so it messes up XD
I think Tavie is a pretty awesome alpha. I wish AJHQ tells us more stuff about her and her Jolly Oyster band. 
Remember that post about how I think ocean alphas could be (Click here) that I did a while ago?
Well I think my version of the Octopus alpha, who I called Harvey, could totally be in The Jolly Oyster XD
Haha, I have improved at drawing since then :)
But I like Harvey, maybe I will do a better drawing of him sometime. 
And who else do you think is on the Jolly Oyster? Probably Marco and Harper, as they are also underwater alphas. Harvey and Rio play the trumpets, Harper the underwater drum kit, and Marco the underwater grand piano. And of course, Tavie the Nautilius guitar.
Haha, after writing this I want to do a drawing of the whole band XD Maybe I will. 
Well, now let's get above sea level and have a look at the new item!
I find all these alpha portraits pretty cool, but as most of AJ's dens don't have much wall space, after putting up my favourite banners, my TV and wall plants, I don't really have much space for anything else :p
But well, with the Crystal Palace I really shouldn't complain about space XD
Talking about the Crystal Palace, here is how I decorated my boat!
Haha, it's probably gonna sink, too much weight XD
As it is Tuesday, it is Oufit Idea day!
This week's idea is a weirdo hippie crazy look that you can achieve with dreadlocks, tye dye, scarf and sandals in matching colors. Here are some pics of how it looks on different animals!
Haha, I invented it when I was messing around with my penguin and though this was a really funny outfit.
The tiger's face... lol
Last but not least, the featured comment!
Yep, anonymous is right, I should do a party. Any suggestions for date and time?

Monday, August 25, 2014

3,000,000 (The real post :p)

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Sorry for such a crappy last post, I'm extreamly bad at writing on phones, and that plus autocorrect makes me write really slowly and weirdly XD
So yep, three million views! That's a lot, I can't believe it! I never though my blog was gonna become this popular.
I remember the day when I joined AJ because a friend at school told me about it. I'm really grateful to that friend XD 
I remember when I made my blog, and funny thing is, when I read awesome blogs like FuzzyShyivy's or Slidoo's or snowyclaw's or pizzadrop's, I thought:
"Wow, it must be like really awesome when your blog has lots of views and people read it and comment, and say hi to you around Jamaa"
Now, thanks to all you jammers out there who read my blog, I know how awesome it is XD
Blogging is so fun and Animal Jam has really changed my life.
Thanks so much everyone, it means so much just for you to be there and view and comment.

Now for the Rare Item Monday, which is at the summer carnival.
Whoops, not enough tickets XD
Not enough gems either. But why #8803? Phantoms are sooo mysterious.
Also, I wanna thank awesomepanda868 for making this epic banner!
Click here  to see her awesome page.
And as always, last but not least, here is the featured comment!
Yes, I have been thinking of having a party. When do you think I should do it, jammers? 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This is a post to tell you that web reached 3 million hits. Unfortunately I dont haber time right now because un an hour Im gonna go back home from my vacations (perfect timing XD) so i dont have much time and im writing this on my phone. So when I get home later today, im gonna make a big post about the latest news on AJ, and probably a few pics from my vacation.
Thanks a lot to everyone who has ever viewed this blog.

Friday, August 8, 2014

See ya!

Hiya jammers! I know I said I was gonna keep up with posting, but we've had to do something weird with our home wifi which involved loads of cables and stuff, and the wifi not going.
But now we finished I think it's supposed to go much better.
Anyway, I'm posting to tell you that I'm going on vacation for two weeks, and won't have internet connection.
See ya soon!