Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sir Gilbert Portrait

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry this post is late, I have spent all morning drawing Tavie the dolphin alpha and Rio. This is the result.
Click for full size! 
It took ages because I'm not used to drawing digitally with all the layers and stuff, so I keep drawing things in the wrong layer so it messes up XD
I think Tavie is a pretty awesome alpha. I wish AJHQ tells us more stuff about her and her Jolly Oyster band. 
Remember that post about how I think ocean alphas could be (Click here) that I did a while ago?
Well I think my version of the Octopus alpha, who I called Harvey, could totally be in The Jolly Oyster XD
Haha, I have improved at drawing since then :)
But I like Harvey, maybe I will do a better drawing of him sometime. 
And who else do you think is on the Jolly Oyster? Probably Marco and Harper, as they are also underwater alphas. Harvey and Rio play the trumpets, Harper the underwater drum kit, and Marco the underwater grand piano. And of course, Tavie the Nautilius guitar.
Haha, after writing this I want to do a drawing of the whole band XD Maybe I will. 
Well, now let's get above sea level and have a look at the new item!
I find all these alpha portraits pretty cool, but as most of AJ's dens don't have much wall space, after putting up my favourite banners, my TV and wall plants, I don't really have much space for anything else :p
But well, with the Crystal Palace I really shouldn't complain about space XD
Talking about the Crystal Palace, here is how I decorated my boat!
Haha, it's probably gonna sink, too much weight XD
As it is Tuesday, it is Oufit Idea day!
This week's idea is a weirdo hippie crazy look that you can achieve with dreadlocks, tye dye, scarf and sandals in matching colors. Here are some pics of how it looks on different animals!
Haha, I invented it when I was messing around with my penguin and though this was a really funny outfit.
The tiger's face... lol
Last but not least, the featured comment!
Yep, anonymous is right, I should do a party. Any suggestions for date and time?


  1. I think at some time that lots of people could come!

    1. Yes, because to my last party only aboout 5 people came XD

    2. I really like the details on Tavie

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. friday 2:30 pm

    also Whodunnit? is a murder mystery tv show solve who the killer is and u win $250,000.00 if u have the worst guest on how the death happened u die


    P.S. could we figure out a time to meet up on aj?

    1. Haha, that sounds funny.
      Also I sent you a buddy request so we know when we're both on.

    2. Wow, you are even better at drawing than me!!

  3. hope this is not personal but....
    why do you say ages are you old or British or something? ello ello ello if ur British.

    1. Actually, I'm neither British or old.
      Well, at least I have no grey hairs. XD

    2. XD yeah.
      Um… the word "ages" isn't only used by British people.

  4. Half way to making ur goal to having more blog views then the Animal Jam Spirit


    1. Yep. I want to rule the AJ blogging world >:D
      Well, not really. I just want to have lots of views and icecream.

  5. Wow, that picture is epic! I don't have a fancy paint program with layers and stuff, but I still use it and I'm not bothered to get a better one XD. I think Harvey is pretty cool! And I think it would be awesome to draw the whole band. I don't know when you should have the party, maybe on a weekend, at 4:00? :D

    1. Lol, thanks.
      I use one called MangaStudio. I have tried using photoshop but I already learnt how to use MS properly and I can't be bothered to learn again XD

  6. hmm... it could be when you and i get on then just have a awesome party with all your fans
    p.s: unlock your den, go in jamaa township and say " 300,000,000 views party my den all welcome please come!"
    it always works with me

  7. I think you should have a party tomorrow (Saturday) at 2:00 P.M.. That gives me time to have my Membership Funeral at 1. Oh and your invited to my Membership Funeral if you want to come. Thanks! Oh and also I just saw you at this persons den sleeping on a table.... What where you doing? LOL ANYWASH Congrats again on 300,000,000 views. And hope you have a nice fun party on Saturday!

    --58spots (who is now a non member :( )

  8. Wow! Nice drawing!!!!! And also good idea for the hippie outfit. I have no idea for a time for the party...

    P.S. Check out this really awesome website: DIY.org
    I'm Eunoia on it. :D

  9. Are you doing ICT or Graphics at school? Is that why you can do that?
    P.S My dad changed the password because of spamming so I cant log in yet :D

  10. Whoa, nice art there.

    And 3,000,000 views? That's crazy. I remember when this only had like 40,000 XD

  11. Just a random question, How many views does your "Rare Snow Shoes" post have? Because it's your most popular post and it only has three sentences. XD

    That happens on AJC, too. Random posts will get like 10,000 views for absolutely no reason lol

  12. oh yay I can advertise my blog XD I have like comments from me only XD ok http://epicajguide.blogsopt.com that might be a working link XD

    1. no I mean http://epicajguide.blogspot.com lol not blogsopt.


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