Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big Tree thing! (Yes, this post title is a very unproffesional thing xD)

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Sorry about the post title, I forgot the item's real name.
And also sorry for the break, I've been adjusting to starting school but now I know how much homework to except and if I finally manage not to leave all of studying and homework till the night before, I suppose I will manage to have plenty of time for posting.
I already have a math exam on Wednesday Dx
But not everything about school is bad. This year there is a new art teacher, which is great because the one we had before hated me for no reason.
And I'm making a comic!
Sneak peak! 
The main character is Nerdo Squirrelex, and he is... well, a squirrel :p
When I'm done with the first chapter I'll post it!
Enough with telling you about school and stuff. Let's move to a more interesting topic... How about the new item?
Oh, Banyan Tree is the name.
I think this item would get a 9 out of 10, because it looks awesome, it's not too expensive, and it's very jamaasian. If it was non member it would get a 10.
It's quite big.
Here are some cool facts about Banyan Trees!
  • They can llive 500-1000 years!
  • They are considered the National Tree of India!
  • They belong to the mulberry family!

Haha, I just decided I like these trees! What's your favourite tree, jammers?
I cant decide, but I like tall trees with thick branches, so they are fun to climb xD
Here is what this particular tree looks like!
Perfect for any den!
And to finish off all of this tree stuff, the Epic Seasonal Tree is preparing for autumn!
It looks pretty good right now, in my opinion!
And today, For The First Time in Forever, I got a gift on the Daily Spin!
It was a Candy Cane Tiara. Not bad, but I thought the gifts would be better :p
And finally, the featured comment!
(This comment is from my plushie blog, Bananas Randomness)
And to answer tigerfort's question, I just edited the pictures with Photoshop!
Talking about Bananas the Spider, I'll try to make a new Chapter soon :D
MCB plushie! xD
It would be sooo awesome if AJHQ made a game were you could make a plushie of yourself and then buy it as an item!
Oh, and it's Story Saturday, so look out later for a story! It will be about Tavie and the other underwater alphas!
So see ya, now I'm gonna update pages!


  1. I have mixed feelings about my school, but the work for me is average. You're a great photographer and artist. I've been wondering what art tablet to invest in if I ever get one, any tips? My favorite tree would have to be the mango tree, because it bears my favorite fruit, mangoes. Speaking of fruit, did you know bananas are a berry? Watermelon and avocado are too. I think the day before yesterday I got three diamonds in the Daily Spin. I can't wait for your story. It's interesting to learn about Tavie from fellow Animal Jammers.

    1. Bananas are actually a herb, one of the largest in the world.



  3. when are u gonnsa post on ur blog again ronen

  4. I love all kinds of trees, but my top 3 would be - 1# Apple tree 2# Mango tree 3# Cinnamon tree (Yes, for those who are wondering, it is a tree...) :3

  5. I love your drawing you did, misterchunkybuddy, I'm lucky to be good friends with you

  6. Amazing art work i can't even draw that good and I'm awesome at drawing! :D

  7. Sorry im tig47498 people call me tiggy

  8. Hi Mr chunky buddy I Love your blog It's so cool! And have you seen the new rare Item? I'll give you a hint of what it is: pumpkin

    1. I also love drawing my user is cutiepie7071 please buddy me!

  9. I am trying to add with photoshop a headdress to my koala but it is quite harder than it looks...

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  11. Ugh my P.E education teacher hates me for no reason


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