Sunday, September 21, 2014

Golden phantom

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here!
Sorry I haven't posted the story yet, I'll post it later today. I've been studying :(
Have you noticed that the word SCHOOL has no happy faces?
:S :C :O :O :L
Haha. Well, here is the new item!
I have always liked Golden Phantom Statues a lot. I think this item would get a 7/10
Its only bad things are it's member only and costs diamonds.
Ok, so I know AJHQ needs money to keep on doing the game, but I think the diamond shop shouldn't have replaced member gifts, which were a really awesome thing.
I think AJHQ should continue with the diamond shop, because it definetly came to stay, but I think opening the diamond shop and introducing diamonds as a currency into Jamaa wasn't a reason to get rid of Member Gifts.
Actually, I think this whole "one gift a month" thing was such a good idea all jammers, not only members, should get a unique item each month which only came out that month and was never resold again, because it would be really fun and the items would probably be pretty epic, and it would be a really awesome way to help unrare jammers who want to be rare get rares, because even if you trade a lot and buy every single clearance item it is actually quite hard to become rare.
Also I think that sometimes AJHQ gets just waaaaay over the top with giving members advantages. I mean, I understand that making AJ such a good game costs money, but there is no need to do things such as preventing non members from having completely free chat.
I mean, no one is going to buy a membership just for that reason, and members do have enough privileges already. And being able to express yourself by using all emoticons, writing on Jam-a-Grams, and having completely free chat is something all jammers should have.
Because even if you really love the game and play it a lot and want to buy a membership, some jammers don't have enough money for it, or their parents don't want them to buy one, and everyone knows it can be really hard to save money or persuade parents.
Actually it took me quite a while to get my parents to let me have a membership for my birthday, and although it is true that AJHQ employees have to be paid, sometimes non members get sooo little things.

Well, that evenually got sort of off topic. Here is what the item looks  like:
As I said before, I really like this item.
So have a good... no, not Sleepy Sunday.
Because today is not Sleepy Sunday, it's...
Obviously, Suprise Sunday is when I have a surprise for you.
So here is the surprise:
Remember indio? A tiger who used to post on this blog? 
Yep, thats him, but now he quitted AJ.
But it now turned out that he sings really well, so he's gonna sing a The Jolly Oyster song!
I've written the lyrics and soon I will post a video with the song! The title is Dive Into the Sea!
So I hoped you liked that little surprise, I hope we can get it done soon! 
Here is the featured comment...
Haha, me too. Thanks :D. I use a Wacom one which belongs to my father, but I don't know any other ones. 
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
P.S: What is your favourite kind of hat on Animal Jam?
P.S: And on real life?


  1. I don't like wearing hats in real life. I feel like they squeeze my head. My favorite hat on Animal Jam is the musketeer hat. It makes me feel part of the story and I feel daring wearing it.

  2. My favourite hat in Animal Jam is the Phantom hat, as soon as it was in stores last Night Of The Phantoms it became my favourite item, I had to get it, but I was a non-member, so after a while I finally convinced my mum to get me a membership, and the first thing I bought as a member was ( you guessed it) the Phantom hat. Well, that was a rather long and probably slightly boring story about a hat XD. In real life my favourite hat is a wolf hat, I love that hat and most other hats too. :3

  3. Hmm... I guess my White fox hat would have to be my fave hat (Mainly because it seems like nothing else looks good on my fox... which i use often), But i do like Skull hat as well (Mainly because its a skull... Not because you can only get it once a year at a certain place). My fave real life hat would be my... um... i guess i don't have a fave hat in real life... strange...... Anyway, Great Post!!!

  4. My sleepiness just poofed at the colorful letters! In AJ I'm a head feather/headdress person but in real life I don't really like hats. For some reason when you talked about the Jolly Oyster He is a Pirate from Pirated of the Caribbean violin version played in my head XD I hope you make it pirate sounding, the word Jolly Oyster is pirate-sounding! I have a blog of my own, Animal Jam Good Times: . I have had it up for two months now and I'm trying to make it unique and fun! Do you have any blogging tips like how go egg commenters, etc. or tips especially for this blog? Let me know please, and leave a comment if you wish.


  5. Pirates are cool, especially the Johny Depp kinds XD Did I spell that right? Oh well, I don't care. I watched The Lego Movie last night. I love that movie. Totally off topic but yeah :D

  6. heyitsbhanu (my aj username)Wednesday, October 01, 2014

    I totally agree with you! Non members barely get anything. Everywhere we are aloud to give suggestions and so do my friends. But AJHQ totally ignores us, if this thing continues, ppl are going to start to give up on AJ, no offense! I love your point of view and almost always read your blogs! XD

  7. My favorite animal jam hat is probably my rare lion hat. It's so fun to wear! It was one of my first rares, and I still have it! I don't wear it much because it's so big, but it's cool! Also, I have a blog that nobody really knows about, so I would love it if you visited it, or even followed it! Thanks! Bye!

  8. Oops! I just realized I forgot the URL to my blog!

  9. I don't think anyone really LIKES school, but it is a very necessary part of our lives. No one wants to go, but I think it is important to appreciate it for what it is anyway.

  10. I agree. Doesn't AJHQ have enough money yet? And they probably get money from their TV shows anyway so... Oh well, I guess we will never really know!


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