Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mummy Mask

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I haven't been posting becasue of my computer, which seems to go crazy about every six months and I've got to get it fixed.
Now I'm using indio's computer. Thanks indio!
Here is todays item!
Magnificently creepy!
I have always liked this item, it is a classic of the Night of the Phantoms and goes well with the Egyptian items which have been coming out lately xD
Talking about things that have been comming out lately, I think its absolutely pawsome that now members can put 300 items in dens! And the extra inventory space is really handy! 
Well, it would be sooooooooooooooo much more pawsome if non members could put 300 items too. Members arent the only ones who want very detailed dens! Well, some jammers, both members and non members, might prefer simple dens, but you know what I mean. (I think xD)
To celebrate it I have redecorated my Crystal Palace, because now I can put enough items to fill it.
It is open, so feel free to come!
I totally think this is a polar bear. I can't wait for it to come! Seeing as it is unfortunately very unlikely that it will be non member, I suppose I'll just wish it is not in the diamond shop.
With all this, I leave you with the featured comment!
Haha, I hope you remember! As long as I can find and indio and Gominolas are willing to help, I hope we can make more AJ songs! It has been very fun writing Dive into the sea :D
So have a nice Sleepy Sunday (more like study sunday for me, midterm exms are here :C) and don't forget to Jam on! (And comment)
See ya next time indio lends me his computer, and hopefully mine will be fixed soon!


  1. Lilhoginpitt Junior VonpawSunday, October 26, 2014


    1. Can't wait for the Polar Bear! Unfortunately, new animals usually come 6 weeks after being announced :(

    2. Wow, I just noticed the commentators widget. Awesome! XD

    3. Hey is there any diamond codes or member codes you know?

    4. Ya there all ways for members and i want to be a member!

    5. I hope soon they add a NON-member animal and did you guys know for some reason people thought it was a zebra? I mean, what would a zebra be doing in the middle of a snow storm. I think its a polar bear.

  2. I think you should try doing Jammer of the Month and stuff.
    PS: You are the best buddy a Jammer could wish for!

  3. Hey MisterChunkyBuddy, Jamtastic post. iwas wondering why your aren't accept buddies?

    1. Probably because his buddy list is full by now :)

    2. You should do a 4 million post MCB!

    3. Im with u about the poler bear not being in the diamond shop it would be soooooooo unfair if it was.Plus i was wondering if you can buddy me, my user is wolfey48658 i would really like it. and wat does XD mean?

    4. MCB could you plz firend me? my user is Rockbone10

  4. Sadly yes, the polar bear will be in the diamond shop and is for members ( obviously ).

    ~Sillysmartxp ( reply this comment for more leaks )


  6. all i need is a rare yellow spike and i look like Mr. Cb

  7. Hello mcb your very nice and I hoped you liked the gift i sent a couple weeks ago, it was the rare table with orb and i like your blog.
    ~tig47498 (tiggy) \O,O/

  8. Where are you MCB? I miss you! And there's a new update!

  9. It has nice to be you posting MisterChunkybuddy! I was wondering why you don't post a lot anymore.... And sometimes you do. Do you have any authors that post on days also like you do?

  10. Hey MisterChunkybuddy did you know i was the 1 that actually told aj to add the new animal? i told them to add artic foxes


    i asked them at the diamond shop and they said the photo would be taken in a snow storm

  11. Hello Mister Chunkybuddy! swirlshine here! I'm a HUGE fan, in fact, your blog even inspired me to make a blog of my own called
    I am commenting because I would like to ask favor from you. How did your blog become so popular? When I post, I feel like I'm doing it for nothing :( Could you maybe tell some people about my blog to make it more popular? I want my blog to be at least half as great as yours, but yours will ALWAYS be better though! ( BTW, you do not have to post this comment for everyone to see, but if you do it's ok.)
    Your always #1 jammer, fan, and fellow blogger,
    ( BTW, swirlshine is my AJ username, plz buddy me, I would be honored if you did!)

  12. Lilhoginpitt (It's me)Sunday, November 09, 2014

    Link to meh blog:

    So yeh.

    PS If you are reading this, me and Chunky are doing an adventure. That's why it says "(It's me)."

  13. I hope at least the lynx will be non-member (random)



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