Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coat hanger thing

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybudddy here!
I don't know why I always say that before posts. I am the only author anyway, so who else would it be?
Supposedly my computer will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I am yet again using Jokapaka's.
Today's item is quite original: It's a coat hanger! If you've got any coats, you can hang them there.
Looks a lot like a tree to me. Cool item, anyway!
Happy Sleepy Sun...
Nope! Today is Surprise Sunday, one of the Sundays in which I try not to be lazy and actually add an extra to the post!
The extra is a random video with some jammers in my den.
I think I really should stop using Screencast o Matic, it is not very proffesional xD
Any suggestions on video programs?
Now I have to go, because I've got to do an art project for tomorrow and I have quite a bit left :p
I leave you with the featured comment!
You ate AJHQ? 0_0
I still think that den should have been non member, even though it would be very unlikely that they made such an awesome den non member.
I think it should be non member but still cost diamonds. That way it could still be hard to get, but non members could enjoy it too.
So long, jammers!


  1. It's great that you're active again, i hope your computer gets fixed soon!

  2. Exactly. I ATE ajhq. They tasted horrible.

    1. Oh, you were serious. I thought you meant to add an h...
      10 reason why you should not have eaten ajhq:
      1. I don't think that is very healthy...
      2. you may barf
      3. this could get out of hand if your new reputation is cannibal
      4. someone's gonna sue you
      5. you know this is the end of Animal Jam, right?
      6. they actually DO taste horrible ( don't ask )
      7. it is a computer program, therefore you could turn into a living robo guy and take over McDonald's ( I understand why, their food kind of sucks )
      8. you ate the hq , so i'm thinking you also devoured the building
      9. they are going to make you incredibly fat.
      10. you made me suffer writing all this, not knowing the ''correct'' way to type and all ;_;

    2. dude u are soooooo right. im not copying arcticpenguin. u could either eat AJHQ or break into there place and say: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!

  3. @MisterChunkybuddy
    Your den is really cool, thought, even your blog ;)

  4. Great! I missed on it though. Probably trying to draw on Photoshop. xD

    1. BTW You don't need to my username considering it's my name and we are buddies and it would be really weird if somebody used this username because I'm like the only one who uses it. Lol

    2. Haha. Hope you are the REAL Lilhoginpitt xD

  5. Yay!! You are getting more active! Buddy me (i know ive said it a million times before to buddy me; sorry) username: aunaelsa

  6. I know I've said this about a billion times, but if you need help with posting, let me know! Great to see you back MCB. Sorry about the computer thing. From personal experience I can say, your not alone. Technology hates me -.0

  7. Happy that your computer is getting fixed! By the way- almost 5,000,000 calls for a party, don't you think? XD

  8. hi update me on codes
    P.S buddy me!

  9. i like mister chunky buddy's stuff

    1. yeah I would absolutely DIE if I got membership!

  10. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy. i really like your posts and that epic den. Buddy me, Aussie4405 (btw i am NOT australian. I just have a cute stuffed animal koala named Aussie. i totally didn't know Aussie meant someone from Australia.

  11. are we allowed to give away accounts

  12. oh yeah PLUS lots of codes up there don't work
    I am ALWAYS on the lookout for diamond codes P.S. I already know twelve

  13. allo, its me, lillycheaks24409, the fox that you met a very long time ago, and I wanna ask a question: why dont chu play AJ no longer? 030


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