Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sky Kingdom Den (And salon chair)

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! My computer is not yet fixed so I'm using Jokapaka's. Thanks Jokapaka!
Today's item is the salon chair.
Well, salon waiting room chair. 
I can't do a GIF with the colors because this compuetr doesn't have the right program. I don't like this computer :(
Note: If you are Jokapaka reading this, then I didn't say the above. If you're someone else, I did.
Anyway, I like this item even though it's really human, and I think it could be really useful for all sorts of dens, not only salons.
And now...
I got a Sky Kingdom Den! Here is a tour of it, welcome to Chunky Kingdom!
That statue is amazing.
I like how the paths have different colors.
I might turn it into a spa :D
There are two cool huts.
Sorry about spelling "prizes" wrong, I've had a maths exam in which "prices" with a c appeared so much it's stuck xD
Dancing koala= Purrfect drums player. Do you play any instruments?
Please AJHQ, we need more security. What if someone fell down there? O.o
I couldn't think of what to do in that room. The hammock is a trampoline for jumping :D
Purple now!
Barbacue time!
Yep, that's it. Perfect place for clanning.
It has two towers and three big rooms.
This is the main room.
That phantom is looking at me o.e
Hot cocoa :D
There is a rainbow!
Pretty cool! But dear jammers, please do not try sliding through rainbows in real life.
Plus the leprechaun! Who is a koala too!
I'm really glad to have joined AJ.
Yes, a den with a really BIG slide! (Not those boring short ones)
I like how big the garden is because you can put all sort of things in it.
Yay, enough space at last! 
I don't really know anything about golf, but it looks cool.
Well, or however you spell it. I hope my english teacher doesn't see this xD
Although it would be way better if it costed gems instead of diamonds (and even better if it was non member, but I don't think AJHQ would do that) I think this den is really worth it and if you are a member who has diamond and you haven't bought it, I really recomend it.
Yep, I'm sitting on the piano because I play the piano by sitting on it. 
Have a nice day/night/midday/midnight/lunch or whatever! Just have fun!
P.S: Whoops, now I realise I haven't done featured coment and den ideas. For den ideas you can look at my den (it's open) and tomorrow I'll do 2 featured comments.


  1. EPIC den! I still ate ajhq for making it member

  2. I would of read the green part normally in like 7 seconds but..... I was laughing to hard.

    1. Oh by the way that was from 3greenfroggie

  3. Cool den! I really like the song; and this blog is so awesome! I wish that non-members (like me) can get such epic dens. ITS SO BIG! :P ;)

  4. Can you please please please buddy me? My user is aunaelsa

  5. Yay, you posted! ^-^
    Anyways, i didn't know you could slide through the rainbow, and that's really epic. :D
    You know what's beyond epic? Dat mira statue. :O

  6. what does any of that MEAN???

  7. Hey,
    Is it just me or is Animal Jam not letting non-members do all capital letters?!? I tried and it ONLY lets me do the first letter of my speech bubble! SO ANNOYING!!

  8. That is SUCH a big den! I play the saxophone and piano. Love the golf place :)


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