Friday, December 26, 2014

Hiya jammers, MCB here!
Just to say that I'm going on a little trip. I'll be back on the 31st, just in time for new year!
I hope in 2015 I have more time to post!


  1. Okay. :3 I hope you have a great trip!

  2. 2nd, lol i hope ur trip is Pawsome mcb! i thought about making a lil story bout how i knew about ur blog:
    I was browsing for ways to find codes and i found ur blog, it was so entertaining i missed my livelesson,(i am homeshooled) I relized i had found a great blog and decided to devote myself to it, and now even though i am anomynous, i come here everyday!

    MCB, i hope you accept my buddy requests, and i really hope i get this dream true... to be your friend and to reach amazing goals!

    ~NIGHTWING9090, (eternal spirit moon)

    1. 3rd... omg that is so sweet...
      i wish i had the way of that, i found out by clicking random stuff about aj...

    2. literally having an epic emotional moment... i found out about it by friending a friend of mcb, bat he wont accept my request yet...


  3. wow sounds super fun! See you in 2015


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