Monday, November 30, 2015

RIM and ArcticFox!!

Hi jammers!! This is the pretty cool and wacky-ous RIM:
Aww, I want the old RIM posters back, the ones with animals!!

AND... (drum rolls)

(answer) and so? You are a nm anyways.
I know I am a nm. But when I get 3 diamonds on the daily spin, I usually get 3 diamonds on the 3rd account I will enter that day. So I entered Cuterebecca, I got 3 diamonds, my sister entered littlethegirl123 and got 300 gems and on kelly1010 I also got 3 diamonds, which means...


And other good news:
From now on, I will DAILY post a Christmas-themed jamaasian story/tale.
Jam On!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jingletastic New Item and random stuff

So, here is the new item:

Sorry, it's not that rare anymore. But it is really pretty and PRICEY.

And happy late Thanksgiving!!
And a joyful Black Friday, because today one-year membership gives 90 DIAMONDS INSTEAD OF 60! WAHOO!

Today it rained heavily. I guess there's nothing more to say about that, because I made this comic strip!!

(Note: I am the lynx and my friend's supposed to be the lion, but in fact I played as kelly1010 and Mfse as Rosy, but this happened with a different friend.)

(Another note: I don't really have an umprella hat)

And then we couldn't move bc the street had turned into a river.

And, I got my fave items back on kelly1010! The scammer said every time she looked at me she wanted my ''beautiful items''!

Plus, pet raindeer are back! YAAAAAAY!!!



And, (with my sister's spike) I made my koala a colorful MCB. With many different things.
(p.s: the elftail is behind)

Goodbye jammers! Tomorrow I am preparing a SURPRISE!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

RIM and tiny den update

Hi jammers! This is the RIM:

Umm, I'm not sure if I like it. It's kind of weird for a pilgrim to wear, isn't it?

(random thing)

  • I couldn't post this weekend because I spent my weekend at a friend's house (Mfse) and we hadn't had much time to use the computer (40 minutes), and we made disgusting cupcakes. I won the ''competition'' with my choco-chip muffin with GOOEY cream (note: The goo cream was coloured vanilla cream).
And this is something I discovered:

Well, today I got a 20 on my RE termtest, and I am HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!

Goodbye Jammers!!

*note: The competition is over, and zks910 won. The prizes are already sent.

Friday, November 20, 2015

New Items and Random Stuff...

(For a TOTALLY free outfit, click HERE)

Hi jammers! Today we have some gorgeous new items!

They look amazing, and they are are pretty cheap too. I.O.T.W.N.M though.

(Changes randomly theme)
Arctic foxes look cute.
But they can also be CREEPY AND WEIRD.
When I get one I will keep its original look.

(Changes theme, AGAIN)
Well, I found out what days mean with their names!
  • Monday= Mon dieu day, we have school again
  • Tuesday= Toesday (random)
  • Wednesday= When's day (the day we ask questions)
  • Thursday= It's the day we usually have school trips and we get thirsty.
  • Friday= The day we eat french fries, yay!
  • Saturday= WE'RE MOVING TO SATURN?? NUU!!!! (tot random)
  • Sunday= It's always sunny till you start doing your homework.
That was totally random.

Okay jammers! Bye!!

- haha, 3 Floras

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hi jammers! So, as you know, it's my birthday today, and as always I've made some silly stories with people celebrating my birthday and honoring me. EVEN SCHOOL GIFTED ME! WAHOOO! We visited a sports academy and a forest. I almost got lost at the forest with my friend lovekoala248, but it really was better than being at school.
Anyways, I'm not expecting many people to come at my party, but I will be re-having it next Saturday. My username is Cuterebecca, if you got comfused by calling myself Flora only (and my name is not Rebecca, I just were out of ideas). Now, weird/funny/amazing things around Jamaa:

Such an amazing place!

Have you ever wondered what's behind?
A new land? WOW!!

(Free Outfit Competition for members and non: Click HERE)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New item and PARTY TOMORROW!!

You can still ask time while you can for other countries.

Now, let's go to the new item:

Cheap, nice, MEMBER.

And, a pic I found while ''exploring'' on the daily explorer:


Btw, this is the AJ europe drawing I made:
I have made a billion europe maps, but this one is not very nice, and the wolf looks like a mouse.

Anyways, g'bye jammers, see ya tomorrow at the party! And, the competition: FREE OUTFIT

Monday, November 16, 2015

Extremely amazing RIM

Hi jammers! The RIM's out, and it is totally F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

Rare Long Bow= Awesomeness!

                                                               ya kewl kid on ur way

And, THE COMPETITION. Take part for a FREE outfit.

See ya later or tomorrow jammers!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

AJ Competition and forget what I said for arctic foxes...

Hi jammers! I have made an AJ Competition, similar to one of the very first competitions on AJCC: The hidden item competition. The prize is an outfit (not really much, sorry).
To join, you have to:
1. Pick a color (pink, green, blue, black, red)
2. Comment your username
3. Comment status (member or non)
4. Comment which place matches each picture 
All pictures= Whole outfit
1 minus= 2 pieces
2 minus= 1 piece

So, let's get started!

And, btw forget what I were saying about arctic foxes :-(
A friend of mine (who knows kelly1010's pass) loved lynxes so much that spent 10 of my diamonds for a lynx and now i have only 2.
But the party will still be at November 19th, at half past 2 at the midday.
Jam on!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

New Items and NEW PARTY THEME!

Hi jammers! Today we have 2 new items, one very nice and one not really nice but still nice.

First, is the Pixelated Wolf Head (very nice).

It should be called ''Minecraft Wolf Head'', but I guess the Headquarters don't have the rights recieved :p

And the Scorpion Armor (nice)

They are both member DX.

Anyways, now, DA PARTY. It will take place at my den, at 14:30 for USA (if you are from another country just ask, I can search it up) and you can stay for as long as you want. The new idea is (drum rolls) THE AJMV!! I will be recording the arctic fox I will buy, and I will might make an AJMV!

                                     DO NOT MISS IT

Goodbye jammers, I will probably post later!