Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hi jammers! So, as you know, it's my birthday today, and as always I've made some silly stories with people celebrating my birthday and honoring me. EVEN SCHOOL GIFTED ME! WAHOOO! We visited a sports academy and a forest. I almost got lost at the forest with my friend lovekoala248, but it really was better than being at school.
Anyways, I'm not expecting many people to come at my party, but I will be re-having it next Saturday. My username is Cuterebecca, if you got comfused by calling myself Flora only (and my name is not Rebecca, I just were out of ideas). Now, weird/funny/amazing things around Jamaa:

Such an amazing place!

Have you ever wondered what's behind?
A new land? WOW!!

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  1. happy birthday!!!! your pawsome!!
    plz buddy me my name is pinkiepie81318


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