Friday, November 27, 2015

Jingletastic New Item and random stuff

So, here is the new item:

Sorry, it's not that rare anymore. But it is really pretty and PRICEY.

And happy late Thanksgiving!!
And a joyful Black Friday, because today one-year membership gives 90 DIAMONDS INSTEAD OF 60! WAHOO!

Today it rained heavily. I guess there's nothing more to say about that, because I made this comic strip!!

(Note: I am the lynx and my friend's supposed to be the lion, but in fact I played as kelly1010 and Mfse as Rosy, but this happened with a different friend.)

(Another note: I don't really have an umprella hat)

And then we couldn't move bc the street had turned into a river.

And, I got my fave items back on kelly1010! The scammer said every time she looked at me she wanted my ''beautiful items''!

Plus, pet raindeer are back! YAAAAAAY!!!



And, (with my sister's spike) I made my koala a colorful MCB. With many different things.
(p.s: the elftail is behind)

Goodbye jammers! Tomorrow I am preparing a SURPRISE!!

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