Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jupiter Throne and Koala Looks

Hi jammers! This is the new item,sold at the Astronomy Shop for 900 gems:

50/50, quite nice.

Anyways, I found some nice koala looks, for members and non!

1st: Non-member lady!

Epicness needed: low
Items: tiara, pink purse, moon necklace

2nd: Member Lady!

 Epicness needed: medium
Items: Halo, Opal necklace, Designer Skirt, Sparkly Shoes or High Heels

3rd: Ice Explorer! (female)

Epicness needed: pretty high
Items: Arctic hood (rare or not), Jamaaliday Scarf, Witch Gowns, Camouflage/Snowflake boots.

4th: Ice Explorer! (male)
Epicness needed: pretty high
Items: Arctic hood (Rare or not). Jamaaliday Scarf, Topcoat, High-top sneakers

5th:Sugarpuff! (non-member)

Epicness needed: medium
Items: Rare Cupcake hat, Lei (Rare or not), Trick-ot-treat bucket

6th (and my favorite): Metal Koala!

Epicness needed: a little high
Items: Monstrious Hair, Guitar, Spirit Amulet, Bone Tail, Phantom Gauntlets

If you make any of these just comment down your username and I will put your koala's picture on the blog

And good news (for me)

Anyways, happy jamming, and my birthday party is taking place at my den (and kelly1010's), and it's gonna be fun, so please come! There will also be a gifting time!

Cya tomorrow!!!

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