Friday, November 20, 2015

New Items and Random Stuff...

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Hi jammers! Today we have some gorgeous new items!

They look amazing, and they are are pretty cheap too. I.O.T.W.N.M though.

(Changes randomly theme)
Arctic foxes look cute.
But they can also be CREEPY AND WEIRD.
When I get one I will keep its original look.

(Changes theme, AGAIN)
Well, I found out what days mean with their names!
  • Monday= Mon dieu day, we have school again
  • Tuesday= Toesday (random)
  • Wednesday= When's day (the day we ask questions)
  • Thursday= It's the day we usually have school trips and we get thirsty.
  • Friday= The day we eat french fries, yay!
  • Saturday= WE'RE MOVING TO SATURN?? NUU!!!! (tot random)
  • Sunday= It's always sunny till you start doing your homework.
That was totally random.

Okay jammers! Bye!!

- haha, 3 Floras

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