Monday, November 2, 2015

Normal post, AT HOME

Haha! Hi jammers, it's Flora. Today's RIM looks too ironic to me...

First of all, HOW DO THEY KNOW I WERE BUYING SHOES THIS WEEKEND??? I couldn't play AJ for 2 days because of SHOES.

Anyways, it's cheap, and kind of nice:

 The RIM costs as much as the original item, that means more rares for jammers!
p.s: this is another account. On Cuterebecca, I have 200,882 gems. And another ironic thing:

Random: At school we had the term test at CS and after that we were free to use our computers (I hope I get a 20) but they are like 10 years old and super slow, so I couldn't post more or take pictures.

Jam On!!!


  1. I was just wondering...
    Where you hired as, like, the new complete author for this blog? Or are there gonna be other authors..?

    1. There are gonna be other authors, I've just got to sort some stuff out.

    2. Have you already chosen the authors?

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