Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New item& Flora Randomness!!

Hi Jammers!! This is the beautiful new item:
It looks good. And yes, this picture has been taken while I were on my member account, kelly1010 because...
I got an ArcticWolf, hooray!!
The Christmas Outfit.
I will have to go soon bc tomorrow I'll have to wake up very early so I can go caroling. Carols are money machines, last year I got 175 euros! (yes, I'm European)
But I still have time for something random.While I were watching aj videos on YouTube, I saw some drawing vids and watched most of them. So, I will now upload some ''How to draw an Arctic Wolf'' pictures.

First, we need a face.(so terrible pictures. Please forgive me!)

Now, a piggy nose.

The fur...

The rest of the fur...

The eyes (so creepy).Any eyes, it's up to you.

The paws, the body and the tail!!

And, clothes!

Woo! I've never drawn an arctic before!

And, an adorable picture of my dog, Max!

I'm afraid I gtg, I have to sleep early tonight (11:00 at night.)


Monday, December 21, 2015


Hi jammers! This is the jam-tastic and paw-tacular IM, for non-members!!!
(pics from kelly1010)
 It's totally amazing, and in a reasonable price!!

And the new item:
Have you ever read AJ howls? Some are OK, but, just look at THESE:
''bestes''? And another one:
It's spelled MAMMAL (I know you already knew that, just in case this jammer is now reading this...).
It looks like AJ doesn't pay much attention in what jammers write. They probably pick only MEMBERS. No,wait,I have put a howl too.

And the story is not a story, it's JOKES.

*It's midnight, and someone's calling at Flora's house.
Stranger: I can talk!
Flora shuts the phone.A couple of minutes later, the phone rings again.
Flora:Who's there?
Stranger: I can talk!
Flora: Ok, I know you can talk, what's so strange? I can talk too!
Stranger: Yes, but are you a pet tarantula?

*Eternal:What's fluffy and lies with its mouth open under your sofa?
Blooming:I don't know?
Eternal: A slipper! What are the 2 things that are fluffy and lie with their mouths open under your sofa?
Blooming: I don't know.
Eternal: 2 slippers! Last riddle: What animal is the one that meows,eats fish and is a good pet?
Blooming: Now you cannot trick me! 3 slippers!

*Eternal:Do you know why elephants wear red nail polish?
Blooming: No. Why?
Eternal: To hind behind poppies.
Blooming: That's not true!
Eternal: Have you ever seen an elephant hiding behind a poppy?
Blooming: No.
Eternal: See? They do a wonderful job!

Ok, I have to go now. BYE JAMMERS!

Friday, December 18, 2015

SUPER AMAZING FANTASTIC UPDATE that makes Jamaa not as Jamaasian as before.

Well, I know that Thursday is not on my schedule, but I JUST COULDN'T RESIST!! And it's Friday :)
Good! But not Jamaasian :-( And why members-only? I believe there should be at least small-den parties that nms could host.
                                                          Pretty much same here.                                                          

                                          Cuties! But I don't want to spend my diamonds.I am
                                           saving up for an Arctic Wolf.

                                    Hehe, I have collected like the 99% of that (jk, I just love
                                     this adventure.)

The sword looks so wow-ish!
The new items are thousands, and I will let you see them by yourself (except the jam-mart-shopping/clothing items).
                                            The cape is neat, and the raindeer mask is superb!

Nice,classic and nm!

And the story:

Eternal:What subject do we have now?
Flora:I think Home Economics.
Snowflake: Let's hope that the teacher is abscent.
Major: (hides)
Admiral: (closes door)

(teacher knocks door)
Snowflake: Let's pretend we're not here!
(teacher opens door)
Teacher: Good morning.
Snowflake:Pay us!
Expert: (throws books away)
Teacher: QUIET!

Blooming: I wonder if they will ever stop.
Flora: Yes, I know. Only good students survive.
Blooming: True.

(everyone sits)
Teacher: Good. Now, read your essays please.
Expert: Essays?
General: Essays??
Teacher: You haven't studied again, have you?
General: To be honest, sir, umm miss...
Teacher: Eternal, can you read please while the other students complete their essays?
Eternal: Umm, sure.
Expert: What was the theme?
Teacher: Answer the following question:
You own a chips factory. What are you going to use to make your chips tasty and how much are you going to sell them?


To Be Continued...


Monday, December 14, 2015


*That means Pricey Member Rare Item Monay
Here it is:

And, sorry for not posting. At Saturday, I were really busy and at Sunday I had to do my...


And, instead of a story, today I'll add a MOVIE instead! (random, not Jamaalidays movie)

Friday, December 11, 2015

New item!

Hi! This the new item!
 Is this a truffle choco with a pinetree-shaped jelly on it, which is decorated witn M'n'Ms? Probably. It looks good though.

Have you ever wondered how many diamonds I have?

I wish I could buy an animal from the diamond shop... BUT NO! WHY, AJHQ, WHY????????

And the Christmas Comic:

BANANA VISITS SWEETLAND (OK this sounds weird)

Well, I were out of ideas :-(

Random Fact: Monday was my lucky day, because we only stayed 225 minutes at school instead of 315, and, I recieved 3 tests. Well, all of them were 20s!!! Tomorrow I will probably post, and something bookish-y, because me and Mfse (rl friend) will go to read some books at a megastore.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New items and jamtastic news (for me)

1,2,3, GO!



Hi jammers! So today the JDG was the jamaaliday scarf.
As you see, I were pretty excited this morning when I entered AJ, and got as many as I could.

And the new items, which are sold at shiveer shoppe, and are FANTASTIC:
So, so nice!

And the story:

The Very First Jamaalidays
  It was a freezing December Sunday. Mira woke up, rised the sun up and created some clouds, while the Alphas were keeping Jamaa safe by watching around the borders.
 Suddenly, Lisa saw a phantom coming! It looked pretty angry, and set a fire in Sarepia. Peck and Avalon, who were the protectors of the forests went immediately there. Then more phantoms came, and started melting rhe icebergs at Mt Shiveer. Barret, Harper, Marco, Juno and Hudson couldn't help, because the phantoms had filled the area with firebombs. Only Felicity, Andy, Cosmo and Olive had stayed back. They had to help the rest of the alphas.
 Felicity had a brilliant idea: To boom the Phantom Vortex. Graham, who had stayed in Jamaa, crafted a big catapult. Felicity and Andy made a big natural bomb.When the bomb destroyed the Vortex, the Phantoms cried for help. The animals helped them to re-build the Vortex, but only if they would never attack Jamaa again. They agreed and the very first Jamaalidays had been created. But phantoms forgot what they said, a couple of years after...

JAM ON!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

RIM & Poem

Hi Jammers!! This is the RIM:
Which is totally amazing, but EXPENSIVE.

And the poem:

                       Phantoms in Jamaa
        1           They live in the shadows,
                     They live in the dark,
                     where cats barely meow
                     and dogs never bark.
        5           With tentacles long,
                     so shady, so black.
                     They live in a vortex
                     that's always too sad!
                     Jamaalidays are coming,
         10        they'll try to be back,
                     to steal all the presents,
                     to ruin Jamaa,
                     to help rain and snow
                     to cover the sky,
         15        to make all the animals
                    depressed and mad.
                    The Night of the Phantoms is their night,
                    We try to avoid them
                    and of course never join them!

And, sorry for not posting yesterday, I were reaaaaaaally busy studying.
(yes I know I've written dis weird-ly)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cool nm itemss at last! YAY!!!

This is the first one:
Amazing and cheap (although I got the pic from kelly1010)!!

And another one:

Today, I'm not posting a big story or something, bc it is midnight where I live and I'd better hurry!! So today we have a song, that I will might make an AJMV based on it with my ArcticFox!!

It's called ''Snowy Jamaa''

Rise your head up
Snowflakes all around
Snowmen surrounding
Mira's ocean wings
What makes you happier
Than a joyful day?

Snowy Jamaa
And I open up my eyes
Into the sun
I keep on flying
Without understanding
Snowy Jamaa,
Snowy Jamaa, Jamaa
Snowy Jamaa,
Snowy Jamaa, Jamaa

Into the hut
On a mountain's cave
with lots of friends!
Come, and join the fun!
Deer, monkeys, pandas,
koalas, arctic wolves!


Goodbye Jammers!!