Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cool nm itemss at last! YAY!!!

This is the first one:
Amazing and cheap (although I got the pic from kelly1010)!!

And another one:

Today, I'm not posting a big story or something, bc it is midnight where I live and I'd better hurry!! So today we have a song, that I will might make an AJMV based on it with my ArcticFox!!

It's called ''Snowy Jamaa''

Rise your head up
Snowflakes all around
Snowmen surrounding
Mira's ocean wings
What makes you happier
Than a joyful day?

Snowy Jamaa
And I open up my eyes
Into the sun
I keep on flying
Without understanding
Snowy Jamaa,
Snowy Jamaa, Jamaa
Snowy Jamaa,
Snowy Jamaa, Jamaa

Into the hut
On a mountain's cave
with lots of friends!
Come, and join the fun!
Deer, monkeys, pandas,
koalas, arctic wolves!


Goodbye Jammers!!

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