Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New item& Flora Randomness!!

Hi Jammers!! This is the beautiful new item:
It looks good. And yes, this picture has been taken while I were on my member account, kelly1010 because...
I got an ArcticWolf, hooray!!
The Christmas Outfit.
I will have to go soon bc tomorrow I'll have to wake up very early so I can go caroling. Carols are money machines, last year I got 175 euros! (yes, I'm European)
But I still have time for something random.While I were watching aj videos on YouTube, I saw some drawing vids and watched most of them. So, I will now upload some ''How to draw an Arctic Wolf'' pictures.

First, we need a face.(so terrible pictures. Please forgive me!)

Now, a piggy nose.

The fur...

The rest of the fur...

The eyes (so creepy).Any eyes, it's up to you.

The paws, the body and the tail!!

And, clothes!

Woo! I've never drawn an arctic before!

And, an adorable picture of my dog, Max!

I'm afraid I gtg, I have to sleep early tonight (11:00 at night.)



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