Friday, December 11, 2015

New item!

Hi! This the new item!
 Is this a truffle choco with a pinetree-shaped jelly on it, which is decorated witn M'n'Ms? Probably. It looks good though.

Have you ever wondered how many diamonds I have?

I wish I could buy an animal from the diamond shop... BUT NO! WHY, AJHQ, WHY????????

And the Christmas Comic:

BANANA VISITS SWEETLAND (OK this sounds weird)

Well, I were out of ideas :-(

Random Fact: Monday was my lucky day, because we only stayed 225 minutes at school instead of 315, and, I recieved 3 tests. Well, all of them were 20s!!! Tomorrow I will probably post, and something bookish-y, because me and Mfse (rl friend) will go to read some books at a megastore.

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