Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New items and jamtastic news (for me)

1,2,3, GO!



Hi jammers! So today the JDG was the jamaaliday scarf.
As you see, I were pretty excited this morning when I entered AJ, and got as many as I could.

And the new items, which are sold at shiveer shoppe, and are FANTASTIC:
So, so nice!

And the story:

The Very First Jamaalidays
  It was a freezing December Sunday. Mira woke up, rised the sun up and created some clouds, while the Alphas were keeping Jamaa safe by watching around the borders.
 Suddenly, Lisa saw a phantom coming! It looked pretty angry, and set a fire in Sarepia. Peck and Avalon, who were the protectors of the forests went immediately there. Then more phantoms came, and started melting rhe icebergs at Mt Shiveer. Barret, Harper, Marco, Juno and Hudson couldn't help, because the phantoms had filled the area with firebombs. Only Felicity, Andy, Cosmo and Olive had stayed back. They had to help the rest of the alphas.
 Felicity had a brilliant idea: To boom the Phantom Vortex. Graham, who had stayed in Jamaa, crafted a big catapult. Felicity and Andy made a big natural bomb.When the bomb destroyed the Vortex, the Phantoms cried for help. The animals helped them to re-build the Vortex, but only if they would never attack Jamaa again. They agreed and the very first Jamaalidays had been created. But phantoms forgot what they said, a couple of years after...

JAM ON!!!!

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