Monday, December 21, 2015


Hi jammers! This is the jam-tastic and paw-tacular IM, for non-members!!!
(pics from kelly1010)
 It's totally amazing, and in a reasonable price!!

And the new item:
Have you ever read AJ howls? Some are OK, but, just look at THESE:
''bestes''? And another one:
It's spelled MAMMAL (I know you already knew that, just in case this jammer is now reading this...).
It looks like AJ doesn't pay much attention in what jammers write. They probably pick only MEMBERS. No,wait,I have put a howl too.

And the story is not a story, it's JOKES.

*It's midnight, and someone's calling at Flora's house.
Stranger: I can talk!
Flora shuts the phone.A couple of minutes later, the phone rings again.
Flora:Who's there?
Stranger: I can talk!
Flora: Ok, I know you can talk, what's so strange? I can talk too!
Stranger: Yes, but are you a pet tarantula?

*Eternal:What's fluffy and lies with its mouth open under your sofa?
Blooming:I don't know?
Eternal: A slipper! What are the 2 things that are fluffy and lie with their mouths open under your sofa?
Blooming: I don't know.
Eternal: 2 slippers! Last riddle: What animal is the one that meows,eats fish and is a good pet?
Blooming: Now you cannot trick me! 3 slippers!

*Eternal:Do you know why elephants wear red nail polish?
Blooming: No. Why?
Eternal: To hind behind poppies.
Blooming: That's not true!
Eternal: Have you ever seen an elephant hiding behind a poppy?
Blooming: No.
Eternal: See? They do a wonderful job!

Ok, I have to go now. BYE JAMMERS!

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