Monday, December 14, 2015


*That means Pricey Member Rare Item Monay
Here it is:

And, sorry for not posting. At Saturday, I were really busy and at Sunday I had to do my...


And, instead of a story, today I'll add a MOVIE instead! (random, not Jamaalidays movie)


  1. tbh, i think this RIM is alot less pricey than usual. 1k gems is a fair price for rim.

    1. I'd agree with that, since I have tons of gems, but, I believe an OK item price is (per item, no RIM):
      Jam Mart Furniture/Clothing:40-900 gems
      Shiveer Shoppe: 80-600 gems
      Treetop Gardens-Topiary Shop: 150-800 gems
      Outback Imports: 100-800 gems
      Sol Arcade Stores: 400-950 gems
      Epic Wonders:850-5000 gems
      Sea Shops: 100-600 gems
      Royal Ridge: 400-1000 gems
      Various Party Shops: 100-1200 gems.
      Also, it's depended on how cool an item is. For example, the fox hat's price that was 1250 gems was pretty fair because fox hats are quite precious. In my opinion, RIMs should cost from 550 to 900 gems (well, since i have about 210,000 gems, I don't really care about the price, hehe).


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