Monday, December 7, 2015

RIM & Poem

Hi Jammers!! This is the RIM:
Which is totally amazing, but EXPENSIVE.

And the poem:

                       Phantoms in Jamaa
        1           They live in the shadows,
                     They live in the dark,
                     where cats barely meow
                     and dogs never bark.
        5           With tentacles long,
                     so shady, so black.
                     They live in a vortex
                     that's always too sad!
                     Jamaalidays are coming,
         10        they'll try to be back,
                     to steal all the presents,
                     to ruin Jamaa,
                     to help rain and snow
                     to cover the sky,
         15        to make all the animals
                    depressed and mad.
                    The Night of the Phantoms is their night,
                    We try to avoid them
                    and of course never join them!

And, sorry for not posting yesterday, I were reaaaaaaally busy studying.
(yes I know I've written dis weird-ly)

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