Friday, January 15, 2016

Skis & AJ Borders

Hi jammers!The new item is this:
 I haven't bought it, but, heh... the word ''skis'' sounds funny. skiskiskiskiskisksis. And by the way, please give me some subbiez, I just started a new AJ series! (AJ Borders:Fun in the Sun).

I have to go now, byeeeeee


  1. hey flora it me tigerkingforme :3 u haven't posted in ages. XD and i was wondering, what are purple bows worth?

    1. They are worth a holiday sweater, I think, or candy cane socks, because you can receive nr bows every December, on the calendar.

      p.s: AJCC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! (I thought it was totally lost, because when I searched it up a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't able to find proper results :I)


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