Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Vidz edited with FXGuru. HA!! (sorry I don't like it when there are links on apps, so I'm just informing ya XD)

Hey jammers!! Sorreh for not posting, I had to study 4 ze history exam. BUT NOW I'M HERE!!!! Hehehehheheheheheh let's spread mischief (lol?)

I finally managed to make transparent background on videos WITHOUT CAMTASIA!! Whee!!
So here's a short film I made. It's called ''Jeff meets Aparri''.

So if you need any YouTube intros, I'll be glad to help!!
Also, here are some random things I found in my den (I mean house, anyways...)

Some gigantic eggs:
And... a dancing skeleton???
My den is a wacky place to live in.

So long, jammers!! JAM ON!!

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