Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Items?Idk. Well, at least there is some randomness left XD

Hey ppl! Were these released on Thursday? I dunno, I barely check if there are any new items at the oceans...

...but they're amazing, aren't they?

Ok, and a question...
What is this? My Anglerfish would like to know (I know what it is, but Rosy doesn't)
Exact answer plz :)
Lol. Another random thing. 2 of my teachers: animal jam style!
The maths teacher:
 The literature teacher:

I were planning to do a super megapost, but I have to study for the exams :( Tomorrow maybe.
I made a new yt channel, HyenaSpirit AJ (click this) and I barely have any videos there (in fact I have only 1 so far XD) so don't expect much.Sub if ur nice. No, wait, you don't have to sub to be nice. You might don't have a yt channel so you can't sub to the fabulous royality XD (jk, I'm more fabuless than fabulous XD)
p.s: too many XD's
And some more random thingies:

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