Monday, May 9, 2016



Ok, now I don't have to talk to myself XD
So the RIM is...
ehh, nothing special, if you ask me. It looks like the original camouflage jacket, with a few details added. And it's named ''camo'' instead of ''camouflage''.

And now, imma show you my favorite den on kelly1010, the ''Dream Den'' XD.
Da Entrance B)
The IceCream Corner :D
Royal stuff...
The ''Fun Pit''.
I really like this place bc of the Godzilla-eats-Barbie thingy XD
 The music and party corner (yes I parked my car there :I)
The Plushie Paradise
''The Artist's Kitchen''.
The Cosy Place.

The week's outfits (random :I)
The Yeti (custom, u can use any yeti face and any spike, or don't wear a spike at all) FOR MEMBERS
The cheez (custom, u can use any cheese hat and any kind of shoes) FOR NON MEMBERS

Why am I adding these outfits? Because, if you e-mail me yours (my aj e-mail is, you will probably see them on this blog! They'd better be funny XD

Goodbye Jammerz


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy that AJCC returned to being a public blog! I will check it daily!

    1. I agree! Can't wait for new posts!


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