Friday, June 17, 2016

650 posts, new pigaicious item and The Sad Koala (pt. 2)

Hey jamjars!!

650 posts :D


This is the new nm item:
And.. the Sad Koala (pt.2)

I got a new rare spiked collar. Yay? Idk. Try guessing what went wrong. First correct answer gets rare! (don't forget to add your username!)

Ok, the contest's off bc I bravely solved the Sad Koala Mystery, pt.2. The thing that was wrong was that I got another blue short collar, but, luckily, I traded it for a purple one.

Also, the AJMV is ready! Ikr, u all r looking forward 2 see it XD


  1. Replies
    1. The Tan Carpet thing :

  2. Oh shoot! Did you get enough help? I wish I could've been on longer! :(
    Am I still in it? Lol!

    1. Yes, I edited it quite well and you appear a lot, don't worry!


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