Tuesday, June 21, 2016


YUS I STRUGGLED TO MAKE A NEW PAGE! (chrome was messing up and I'm now using FirefoxPortable, but, whatever...)

First of all, happy bday MCB!

Second of all, happy biggest day (northern hemisphere).

AND last but not least, happy Make Music Day!
I personally didn't make any music, but I made an AJMV!

The crew: Me, Swirlshine, Cates4, prinny1 , too many to name... XD

Lol, I kinda were outta ideas and I picked a very awkward song...#dontjudgemeh

Now you know something XD You know what *NOT* to buy when your parents give you tons pocket money (I'm so awkward). Also, soz for tiny screen, I ended up creating the AJMV with Windows Movie Maker!!

AND... sorreh 4 not posting yesterday, I, my sister and our BFFs were celebrating the MFSE day, the best day of the year!!!!

*Note: MFSE is us. We were randomly celebrating ourselves. Don't judge us. We're awkward.


  1. Woo I'm in the vid! No worries, I love awkward things/people! I'm one of them! I should really have a day celebrating me...XDDD

  2. Hey Flora, if I'm using Screencastify, since I have a Chromebook, how do I make a music video? I know how to record, but not how to add music. Know anything about using Screencastify?

    1. I don't know anything about Screencastify, but here's what I do:
      1. Recoed scenes.
      2. Edit them with Wondershare Filmora (or Camtasia, but I forgot to use it and the 30-day trial is over DX) with music
      3. Record again! If you create it with Filmora there will be an annoying Watermark!
      4. If you have Windows, create the movie by adding the video and the audio file. If not, I actually don't know XD.

  3. Cool, and thanks! To celebrate Make Music Day I did some ACDC covers with a friend and my electric guitar... Neighbours hate me.

    1. I only did the AJMV but even if I did anything for Make Music Day, no-one would say anything to me since my ''annoying'' (well, ok, the neighbour that whined all the time about how noisy we were)neighbour moved away and my other neighbour listens to annoying music all the time.Well, ok, no-one except my sister. She hates everything I do XD


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