Thursday, June 2, 2016

Imagination Fair Fails&Contest!

Let's see the winning Maths inventions, bc I participated on the Maths tournament:
(ps. If you won, don't take this the wrong way, plz, I don't want anyone to get offended!!)

 Eh... so... this is a peacock protractor? Poor birdie. Who would ever use you to count something? PLUS, WHAT MAKES MEH ANGRY 'BOUT THAT IS THAT 1. THIS ANGLE IS 180 DEGREES AND 2. THE PROTRACTOR CAN COUNT CORNERS UP TO 180 DEGREES! AND THE PEACOCK'S TAIL IS NOT 90 DEGREES AS WELL!!
 Um....I can't understand deez letters, but I think it says ''Unit Converter Watch''.
Well :P, it's not that terrible, although it's practically impossible (I think) to count stuff like this.
 I would count the dimensions with the traditional ol' meter. And what is the ''volume'' button supposed to do?
Mass or weight? Kilos or Newtons?That confuses meh.

I thought that the AJHQ ppl were adults.

Ok, my invention wasn't perfect, that's for sure, but it was reasonable (and useless, but it was Copernicus-themed, as AJHQ wanted.

O.o I'm stupid because I named it ''solar' instead of something like ''OMG SUPER INVENTION I <3 U AJHQ!!''. XD.

 So this is supposed to produce renewable energy.

And because of THAT, imma make a Best Invention Contest as well!!
The prizez r:

3rd:Feathered Mask (red)
2nd:Freedom Glove
1st:Spartan Armor


1. I only accept text, that means you have to explain well.
2. Comment your username.
3. ''Invent'' something REASONABLE!!

Yes, I know, the prizes are not perfect, but hey, you'll be able to brag like: ''Hehe I won a science/maths/technology competition, I'm so cool&perfect'' XD.

Cya pplz!
(Update: I entered a headdress giveaway and I promised to share, so, if interested, HERE U R:

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