Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New item, pawriffic item my sister got& ART!! (pt.99999999999999)

Hi macarons! This is the new pixely-item:

Yup.This is my new masterpiece, which I don't know why I'm uploading (you can simply see them at kelly1010's den, right?)
I made it for a friend who sent me this JAG:
But it has creepy, yellow eyes and a weird-shaped head. But it's not that bad. Or is it? Idk. I actually were in a rush.

Also, me and my sister are probably going to buy AJ toys from eBay. WHEE!!!!!!!!!
I found a kinda good package!!

Also, we are also gonna buy a membership for our (mostly my sister's) trolling account, Tzatziki (it still is a New Jammer though). We actually want free chat,but,nvm...

Random, very, very random: That's what happened yesterday while I were enjoying a summer day:

It hailed, like, wow... Also, my balcony isn't beautiful, it barely has any plants.Small ones, of course XD.

AND....finally, the pawriffic item...
(the wood framed couch)
Believe it or not, my sister was in one of her storage accounts, she saw it, she didn't know what it was and she offered: a scorpion throne, a cuckoo clock, an ice prison, a hat with dreadlocks and a blue fire pit for it. That person accepted! I weren't there, I actually were talking to the phone, when she yelled ''I GOT THE COUCH, I PROMISE''. And then we were like ''Wahoo!!!!''. So that person either didn't know that this item is actually very good, or they were rare enough and they didn't mind giving it. Probably the second one, since my sister mentioned that they had a nr headdress. Probably.



  1. You were in a rush on that picture? I can't even tell, it's still so so GOOD! I WANT IT!!! 030

    Yay, you're getting AJ toys!!!

    And also, do you know if the couch comes with the Small House AJ toy set? I thought that since it comes with a toy one, it may give you the code item of it, but of course, idk yet. Is it called a Wood Framed Couch? Hm, I thought it was called Comfy Wood Couch, or something like that...

    1. Hehe, I actually didn't think anyone would like it. I only made it because I didn't want my sister to take the computer (yus so much competition).

      I'm actually not getting toys (anymore), ''because Miss Little Thegirl (My sister's AJ wolf name) doesn't want to''.SO IRONIC.I WERE TRYING TO FIND A NORMAL-PRICED PACKAGE AND NOW SHE REJECTS!! WHY???

      I actually don't know what you have to buy to get the couch, but it probably does come with the Small House set. I'm actually tr

    2. XD, I can totally relate.

      Wow. Sisters sometimes...:1


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