Friday, June 10, 2016


PIGZ!!!!!!! OINK!!! WHEE!!!!!!!!! NM!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO LETZ C LE PAWESOME PIGZ! I bought pigs in some of my storages, Discus and xxfuturamaxx.

So, here are the actions:
 Dancing... (w/Kel7)
 ...Hopping... (yus I dressed le pig up)
... Sleeping...
...and,finally, playing!
And these are the new items. The fence is OK, but the couch and the ottoman are creepy O.o...
U guys know what I mean...right?

Also, here's something awkward...
Eat your pie first :I

Well, :P, anyways, I gtg right now, so enter the contest and JAM ON!!

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